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  1. What will organics do for plants compared to chemicals?

    Ive been told organics give plants

    -better taste
    -better aroma
    -more color

  2. I wouldn't say chemicals, more like synthetics.

    Who knows what chemicals go in to synthetics, in most cases who cares, most people are looking for a nice green lawn, but when you are going to be inhaling your crop, then why take a chance on synthetics?
  3. Better environmental impact, arguably better quality(not everyone agrees). I would also say that your plants will be happier, stress is much less of an issue. The hassle free part is not to be forgotten, no more pH testing and chasing the golden goose for that product that will finally make your plants perfectly healthy. If you grow organically many times you will get better faster imo because the soil will be getting better too. The organic system will develop and strengthen it's own efficiency which means both you and the soil will be doing a lot of learning.
  4. Ive been looking at some nutrients, and ive seen that chemical/synthetic nutrients
    are cheaper than organic nutrients.

    Maybe it would be wise to use chemical/synthetics during veg to save some money

    and use strictly organics during flowering.
  5. Ah another facet of organic. If you opt for the organic nutrient regimen well you're entering weird territory of pseudo science. The real science behind organic agriculture/horticulture is soil science. Feed the ground which will feed the plants. What is available to the plant is not what you feed it from a bottle but what the bacterium, fungi and all that good stuff is making available. The soil is the greatest gardener.
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  6. Good dirt is so not expensive in comparison to the bottled nutes. I have at present at least $400.00 worth of bottled nutrients sitting in my grow room that i will never touch again.... I like the much less expensive and totally reusable dirt that i mixed from soil-crap-alfalfagrass-mashed rocks-compost. It's like feeding a baby, cans of stuff is fine, but it's far from bio-identical, from a nutritional perspective it's far from nutrient identical either.
  7. as long as you flush for a week or so synthetic is just as good

    i use synthetic/organic mix
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    Actually synthetic/organic is an oxymoron, like Army Intelligence, found missing, sanitary landfill, business ethics, like that. They are opposites because they negate each other in practice. If you add synthetics you kill off the normal flora of the soil and that is what is needed for the plant to eat organically. You add organic stuff but kill off the mechanism that is needed for the plant to use the mineral's available. You're plants are probably synthetic dependant totally, not like the 50%-50% thing you think you have going, but it works good too, i used any form of nutes i could get my hands on for years and got some great pot out of it. I thought i had a combination thing going, but i think now that my soil was dead and was totally dependent on what i feed with water.... the only way you'd know is if you tried the totally organic thing though. I have switched and i must say that it's easier on time, money, my eyes and the tail chasing with nute defs and burn, and the ph'ing (i HATED ph'ing it all). Plus the smoke doesn't tickle, not full of what ever always burned the back of my throat, and i with one of my girls, i have grown that same strain for a long time...the weed is better, and yes, i 'flushed' previously. I had spent years flushing them and imagining that the flushed soil helped my plant flush itself out too, but i do kinda wonder where the synthetic chemicals and minerals that i was trying to flush out of my bud material was actually going. The synthetic chemicals and minerals don't evaporated up out of the open pours like the co2 and o2 do, and flushing doesn't pull the synthetic minerals and chemicals down out of the buds to the roots to exchange for the clean water i added to the soil, and they aren't undergoing massive cholophile synthesis at the peak of flowering so they don't use up all the synthetic chemicals and minerals from the buds when i leach the soil with a week of flushing. Anyhow, the organic buds don't tickle me now... tis better.
  9. ^^
    This is why I do not understand the motive behind hydroponic weed. Hydro growers preach the usage of these $250 pH meters, but in growing organic, this is not necesarry but I do have a roll of pH paper, that I use to amuse myself and make sure my pH isn't too far away from 6-7.

    There is a huge difference between deriving Phosphate from Potassium Phosphate, and deriving Phosphates from an Organic substrate. The roots have a strong mutualistic relationship to the micro-organisms, which depend on a good biological food source, not a salt solution.

    The Way I see it, is that you can swarm your plants roots with ions hoping to find the right balance when using synthetic fertilizer, or you can create a bio-system which makes ion transport much more efficient... hence the no spending benjamins on pH testing and hours of frustration.
  10. Hydro drives the plants into a totally different mode of existence. In soil the plant can choose to enrich the soil around itself for later(either itself or hopefully it's offspring). Not so with hydro the plant can't interact with the medium like it can with soil. So instead you shock the plant into a consumption based existence. It will suck up almost anything you give it if only to store it for later use, hence hydro crop's beefiness. But I have a problem with consumption based lifestyle namely that is unsustainable and unhealthy for anything. Your plants may be arguably healthy, and potent but to me it looks like marijuana foie gras.
  11. Thats an interesting analogy!

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