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  1. Howdy i was thinking of using this recipe for veg and flower for the up coming season with organic soil would i need to add anything else to the soil or mix? can i use this for veg and flower THROUGHT THE WHOLE SEASON? THANX

    HASHMOUF: The Nutrents are added together with water and brewed to make Organic Tea. Here is the recipe :

    5 gallons purified water
    1/2 cup Fish emulsion
    1 cup Bat guano
    1 cup liquid seaweed
    6 table spoons Molasses

    Mix all of these ingredients together and aerate with a fish pump and air-stone allow to brew for 24 hours at least, 48- 72 hours for a stronger tea. Shake well before feeding.

    This tea can be used for any period of plant growth. However do overfeed, when using a Nutrient rich soil, water with plain water for the first 3-4 weeks before using this tea. But if you have a weak soil low in nutrition then this tea is great for every feeding, for best results flush with plain water every 4 weeks.
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  2. Put some fresh EWC or good compost in there to get bacteria rolling. I read somewhere recently that, if kept at 75 degrees constant, 12-15 hours of aeration will produce bacteria dominant solution, 15-18 hours will produce fungi dominant solution, and beyond that, a protozoa dominance. I am in the process of validating this for myself.

    Also, cut way back on the molasses/sugar. try 1/2-1 tbsp to start.

    If you have an organic soil rich with good stuff, you should only need to give the tea once a cycle to re-energize your soils micro-herd. everyone raves about fox-farm ocean forest, but i think i would try the happy frog, cause it supposedly packs a herd right out of the bag, but its too expensive anyway. i stick with the local organic choice.
  3. thanx im using the local organic soil myself good looking out on the molasses i just found this recipe and thought i give it a try
  4. check the numbers before you buy the guano, too. different compositions from different locales. PSB, which is just a sea-gull, is 10-10-2 i think. good all-round.
  5. If you can find fish hydrolysate fertilizer, rather than emulsion, your teas will benefit from it. Benefits of Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer is a good article to explain how cold processed hydrolysates contain amino acids, enzymes(important), hormones and vitamins.

    Emulsions are heat processed so you lose a lot of the good stuff. Neptune's Harvest makes a good hydrolysate and is nationally distributed. If you want a good deal, this Ebay company has killer deals for us organics folks. His fish hydrolysate is 23.50/ga with free shipping.

    If you look through his store, he has humic/fulvic acid, kelp and several other organic amendments.

    Take care,

  6. thanx for all the info my ganja brothers so here is my tea mix anything else just let me no thanx!!

    5gal water
    1/2 cup hydro fish fert
    1cup bat guano N
    1cup luquid seaweed
    5tbs of black strap m (5tbs because 5gal water is this ok?)

    same as top just change bat guano to sea gull guano ANYTHING ELSE TO ADD TO MY FLOWER TEA? thanx all +rep
  7. If you can get your hands on some humic and/or fulvic acid, a small amount in your teas is great for boosting the fungal microbes,(Info on Humic acid in teas).

    Fungal microbes have a special relationship with phosphorus and help to get more into the plant during flowering. I also like to add a small amount of glacial rock dust to my teas (2-3 tbsp)

    Here is a quote from this thread by LumperDawgz,one of this sites most inspirational organic growers. He hasn't posted for about a year, but got a lot of members here off and running in organics, myself included.

    Here is another quote from the same guy, from another site he posts on. This also pertains to GRD and it's importance in flowering teas. Here it is:

    I hope this info helps you grow some big ass flowers bro.

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    damn thats wuts up all written down in my grow journl thanx oh but hey you say you add 2-3 tbs GRD per 5gal tea right? he says he add 1.5cf to soil mix which should i do?
  9. Put it in your soil mix to have it available as the plant's require it. Add it to your teas so the microbes can use it as a mineral source. It's a win/win and won't hurt a thing.
  10. heres another GREAT tea
    i call it the GLASS SHARD REMEDY

    this involves...

    a Handful of dry Chicken Pellets
    about three handfuls of WORM CASTS
    20 ltrs water
    (sat out 24 hours, or rite from tap and BUBBLED FOR A MINIMUM OF 6 hours - will still dechlorinate it,,,, contrary to the it HAS to be 24 hours)
    Mollasses 5 tbs (u cant overfeed with mollasses, it just gets stored.. better to be safe than sorry)
    a dash of biobizz fish mix
    and any sea kelps /catalysts (WHICH MUST BE ADDED AT THE END)

    bubble away for 24 hours or more for conentrated colonies..
    but id STAY away from just leaving it without a pump. MUCH more chances of going anerobic

    i find chicken pellets in TEAS work more crazy than guanos.. and ive been messing with teas for about 4 - 5 yrs now!

    called the GSR (patented by myself)
    this IS YOUR DEFCON 3 TEA CONCOCTION.. try it before u THINK u have the best formula..
  11. Chunk - is Epsomas "Rock Phosphate" the same thing as Glacial Rock Dust, and I not, where would I source this?

    Thanks in advance.


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