Organic soil for beginner? ,

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  1. Total beginner, indoors, organic sounds good as you can reuse and reuse, sounds
    Like you need to keep on top of it though, never made before. Just starting out so am open to
    Suggestions, not based in usa. Please help for medical use

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  2. You And Me Both, I'm Using Jiffy Starter Mix It's Organic But I Plan To Use The Fox Farm Trio Regimen With It

  3. Ok thanks will look into that is that remade organic soil then , a lot of people seem to make it them selves?

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  4. In a beginner as well, and I have had great success with a 'soilless' mix. I use canna terra professional and Dutch master nutes. Nothing extra really...

    Using canna terra, I find the plants responded to it immediately. As soon as I took them out of shitty 'hot' soil with water crystals and 8 month sustained release fert... The leaves literally lifted up and reached for the lights within an hour. Never had any kind of drooping when transplanting..

    Day 29 now and I'm seeing some pretty awesome growth for a stunted grow due to shitty soil..

    I would recommend canna terra pro. That stuff is like roids for my plants. Nutes don't seem to really make much diff, but they LOVE being watered..

    The big tip I got was to look on the front of the bags of potting mix. Forget anything with a red box with ticks in it.. Means it's got a tonne of nutes in it. Go for the black box with ticks.. Use your own nutes and you will be fine. Learn from my mistakes...

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  5. Head over to the organics forum and look up "easy organic soil mix for beginners". That will be a good start :) Good luck.
  6. Happy Frog Fox Farm
  7. Yup gc organics section, build your own organic soil, you will be very happy.
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  9. I agree with the benefits of organic soil but everyone always talks about the money you'll save on bottled nutes.

    If I grow a pound and use $20 worth of bottled nutes that rounds down to 0 in my books..

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