Organic Soil Ammendments?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    This is my 1st grow in organic soil. I’m using “roots organics potting soil” my question is when should I use soil amendments? I was looking at “down to earth fertilizers” (crab meal, neem meal, kelp meal, oyster shell, etc...) I’m having a hard time finding feeding charts or any type of suggested mixes? I assume the soil will be plenty hot for all of veg but might need to add some amendments during flower. Does anyone have any experience growing this way?

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  2. I grow this way. By flower I have them in the ground, but same concept.

    You're right, the soil will have enough juice to get you through about three months or a little less. Down to earth bio-live is a great all around balanced dry amendment. Kelp meal, bone meal, fish bone meal, malted barley powder, and chicken manure compost are all good for recharging for flower. I just top dress them and make sure there are plenty of worms to do all the work.
  3. Thanks for replying. So your doing outdoor? I’m doing indoor and wonder if that one product will be enough going into flower? Is that what you use? Do you like the blends over the single amendments?
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  4. I use both. I mix my soil from scratch. The recipe is somewhere toward the beginning of my thread, organic Michigan Outdoor.

    I bet just bio live would work pretty well, considering it's ingredients, but I can rarely keep things that simple. I add in bone meals, malted barley powder, kelp meal, wood ash (new one this year) and composted chicken manure about a month out from flower.
  5. Sweet thanks. Helps a lot. Is there a particular ratio you use when adding single amendments? Ive been trying to find feeding charts but they don't exist seems like. Also no need to PH water in organic soil right? Here is a link of whats in the soil already: Aurora Innovations | Original Potting Soil
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  6. I don't really have a ratio for recharging for flower. Outside I did a couple solo cups of each amendment on each plant. In five gallon pots, I do a little handful of each. Roots organics makes a grow and bloom topdress too. Got some samples. Same type ingredients. Looks good.
  7. Thanks man. Last question. What are your thoughts on PH’d water with organic soil? If you do ph do you use lemon juice so it’s organic instead of PH up and down. Also no flush with organics correct?

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