Organic Slug Killer?

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  1. Doing my first grow and trying to do it outdoors and organic.
    a few days ago i notices a hole in one of the leaves of my about 2 week plant. Looked on GC for a culprit and learned about slugs.
    I went looking for organic killer but didn't find any.....went home to check my plant and there was a slug and he finished about half the leaf...killed the little fucker! and ran into my shed to see if i had any slug killer and found some but again not organic. Used it to last me till i can find a organic killer.

    Can the masters help a newbie out?

  2. Thanks!
  3. Your welcome........and welcome to Grasscity. Just a heads up, if you need an answer quick, try using the search function also. The other thing is that growing MJ isn't much different than growing tomatoes, so you can use google as an effective tool also.

    Since you're new to this forum, cruise around to the Journals section and check out what our other members are doing. The journals are a good place to both learn and ask questions.

    Every grower was a newbie once, and we're here to help you out. Good luck with your grow.

  4. I've used pie tins filled with beer
  5. If you kill them be careful to throw dead slug as far away from plant as possible, they are cannibals so they search out other dead slugs. I keep the bottom of my plants very clean cuz those slugs will stand almost vertical to get up and eat. Hot peper wax at the base of your plants will do wonders. Here in the northwest i think slugs get more nugs than anything out...Mountain beavers do their fare share as well.
  6. This is my baby. You can see the damage that the slugs did to it. Some of the edges were turning yellow and dieing so i removed the dead parts.

    But how does it look so far?
    open to all comments, again my first grow.

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  7. Here again, just check out slug shields. They are super easy and you can relax for the rest of the season. They saved my grow last year.
  8. I'm going to try again this season with some autos and will be getting the slug shields. I was thinking of making something similar..but this saves me the trouble. Thanks a lot!

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