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    Here is my recipe for an organic treatment for annoying insect pests - I don´t actually know if it kills them, but they certainly hate it and clear off - doesn´t hurt the plants either, unlike some chemical insecticides. And most importantly, it isn´t toxic to any stoner!!

    Put a litre of water in a pan, grate in about an ounce of toilet soap (borrow wife´s/mum´s cheese grater), the more perfumed the better. Crush about 6 cloves of garlic and add. Boil for 10 minutes, or until soap is completely dissolved. Allow to cool, strain liquid into a 1 litre spray bottle.
    Zap them varmints !! Wash treated plants off with plain water before harvesting.

    Hope you don't mind the edit. I have something very similar and didn't feel like stickying TWO good
    Pretty much the same thing except that I add pepper flakes and clove. I noticed that every organic repelant I ever bought had a strong odor of clove, hence the reason for my addition. Not to mention most pests hate pepper flakes as well.

  2. Nice post man:)

  3. It doesnt make the bud taste of garlic does it? haha:smoking:
  4. EX. of what you mean by toilet soap...

    Thanks ~In1
  5. he means like irish spring bar soap or something.

    toilet soap = soap (period.) :smoke:
  6. hey does this work for slugs? ive got a real problem with slugs and picking them off makes my hands all sticky lol

  7. Wait til you harvest :). but that's a different kind of sticky all together.
  8. yeah haha but seriously, help with slugs? anyone?
  9. beautiful! gunna mix some up and put in a spray bottle this week. very nice helpful post preciate it bro
  10. thanks dude i was in desperate need of a quick cheap insect replelant and i was hating the idea of using insecticides
  11. You'll be supprized. Put some beer into saucer or shallow bowl. Wait 12 hr. You will have no more slugs or snails near your plants again as long as you keep the saucer filled.

    I'm Dead Serious. My mom used to do this with roses and climatus bushes. Verry Cunning
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    you need few meters of copper wire - make a nest (multiple rings) shape on the soil around main stem - but it must not touch the stem. Make sure there are no slugs on the plant before you do that, otherwise they will be trapped inside the "ring" and eating all your plant. also verify if any other plant is doing a "bridge" for it, as the copper will avoid them if they come from the floor but not from above - ie. other plants in contact with the one you want to protect.

    If you cut copper wire or foil in tiny pieces and sprinkle around will do the same effect - the good thing about copper as it will last for the whole season.

    for a quicker method blend a whole head of garlic in 1 liter of water, and spray your plants + soil every 3 or 4 days and after the rain. also you may plant some garlic all around the plant you want to protect as it help as well.

    for a better organic control of the whole garden place few deep-ish cheap plastic bowls with a mixture of 1/2 water 1/2 flat-old beer and bury it leveled to the ground -- it will attract lots of slugs around and make them drown.
  13. Diatamaceaous earth is supposed to work well for slugs according to my local hydro shop owner. Its completely natural and cheap as shit (about $1 a pound).
  14. Hey man thanks for this I got so many bugs on my grow I didnt know wut to do...

    I am gona whip some of this up right now, then spray and setup stations around my grow

  15. Hope it works for you.
  16. Thank M8.........Would of really helped with my previous Summer grow!=))
  17. Very interesting, what is the latest you would suggest using this in flowering?
  18. Would this work on an indoor grow with a mealybug/fruitfly issue?

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  19. Probably, he said it gets rid of anything hes ever come across :p. Seems most all bugs just hate the soap and garlic deal.

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