Organic Hydro Possible or not?

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  1. So after doing alot or research iv decided i want to give hydroponics a shot the best guide iv found so far is on you tubeYouTube - Kanaal van skaterdude1229 i want to use the drip in rock woll cubes for veg then use ebb and flow for flower. But im having some trouble finding a good nute system id really like to try an organic grow using this system. Dose anyone know of any organic nutes i could use? and how to mix them?

    Thank you for your help
  2. I know Canna has a hydro line... Canna Hydro. They also have Canna Aqua and Canna Coco. Then there are the addatives, which are not a must. All brands of nutes like this have these type of addatives, and they all make it sound good, as if it makes a world of difference.

    Products | CANNA UK

    It's from Europe though, so you might have to order it oversea... :eek:
    They have it on ebay and amazon too.
  3. Why are you set on using organics? Hydro is better suited for synths.
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    Idk why i want organic so much ill prob just end up doing a synth mix because it will be easier to obtain from local hydro shops. Thank you for your input


    Edit: PS:I will be posting all of my plans for my ebb and flow and drip systems and asking for recommendations on changes... This is defiantly one of the best forums i have for research and input

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