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  1. i dont see why everyones so down on organic gardening? can anyone explain why its such an uncommon practice. im planning on putting organic bubble bucket to the test, even though 90% of my research said it wont work. i am goin to do a single 5 gallon bucket with 8 inch net pot with hydroton and spaghnum moss. im planning on using worm/compost tea with liquid kelp, grow more all purpose 5-5-5 dry nutrient with beneficials, and some roots organics buddah grow and extreme serene and vital earth glacial rock. there will be plenty of air with my general hydro dual diaphram with a 6 inch air stone and 3 foot diffuser. i cant think of anything else, my strain is green house great white shark. post your advice, experiences, failures, ect.. i want to get this squared away with no guess work. ill post pics when i set it up. keep our coast clean! -the cropper


    i have this organic outdoor soil grow and one plants is severely sick. let me know what u think from pics thanks!
  2. I'll watch this. When are you going to do it?

  3. quick update: someone unplugged my power strip connecting the air and water pumps so i had 6 clones barely started to show white tips die. went yesterday and got 30 somethin cuttings or super skunk and great white shark. i plant on using the great white and i am donating the rest. so experiment has been delayed a couple weeks. also should i wait until my clone gets some fish bone roots or just put it in the bubble bucket as soon as i notice roots?
  4. id say put it directly in the bubble bucket and top water until you see roots pop out and hit the water. less chance of bumping those delicate roots.
  5. put the cutting straight into the hydroton? i was gonna try to layer the net pot with hydroton and then put some dry sphagnum moss (maybe not, i dont know) and good compost where the root mass will be for the microbiology to colonized and have something to live on/break down. then i will back fill with hydroton. any suggestions? anyone done organic bubble bucket with compost tea/nutrient tea? thanks for posting. loving this global warming! best spring since i remember. happy growing
  6. oh...straight cutting with no roots.. my bad sorry dude :smoke: ya then id want a humidity dome over it or something similar.
    be careful with anything you want to put into the net pot.... if it holds too much moisture your at a real risk of root rot or something nasty..use something that drains well...i really like using diatomaceous earth. added benefit of more silica to strengthen your plant too.
    id  make sure its rooted in a small rockwool cube  and plant in the net pot
  7. green trails: so ur big on organic dwc?
  8. Yo Cropper :wave:  Im going to tag along 4 this if you dont mind ? I have hydro gear nd am going organic asap just not to your extent .going to recycle most of my gear. best of luck with this plan m8 :p
  9. A lot of growers in the Organic Section use SIPs or SIPPAs, basically 2 5gals stacked on-top of one another with a wick between them.

    I guess if we aerated the water you could call it DWC, but it's already being done.

    Just remember the plant will grow different types of roots depending if they are touching soil or water.
  10. whatup pete. whats ur organic plan? im trying to be cost effective but not cheap, know what i mean? thanks for looking out.
    do u mind sharing ur SIP system microbe? yea i knew it was being done but i cant find any info on there recipe and if they use a nutrient solution or compost/worm tea or both. im gonna do my own thing regardless, if i find the info or not, but research wont hurt and i still have at least a week before i see roots on my clones. grow hard smoke hard later everyone
  11. ello m8 :smoke:  im going with a water only mix. I was put on to in the organics lounge . big pots 20l and back 2 white widows as they r a strain i know and i gotta bang a blueberry in there because i love the strain :love: 
  12. Stop by my journal, I have pictures and shit. A simply site search of the word SIP would do you well.

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  13. yea its not a hydro setup, im tryin organic dwc. thanks for postin on my thread tho

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