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  1. Organic Growing here in sunny Malaga hills, Spain.
    I have been growing out here in Spain for 2 years now. Originally from The United Kingdom. I am growing a selection of seed which i have taken out of nice stuff, and one Feminized Himalayan gold from 'Greenhouse seeds' left over from last years grow.
    Last years grow was a disaster. I had one Nirvana Crystal plant growing in the ground which was 7foot tall, it produced over 15 oz of nice smelly buds.. but.. the rest of my nine plants.. more Himalayan gold and Crystal where all stolen just one week from harvest, plus my downhill race bike worth euro3000. Luckily the Guardia (Military police) got the bike back 2 days after reporting it stolen.. crazy ay.. that was quick, also finding 9 plants with the boy that they caught. Of course i said.. noo i have no idea where those plants came from.. not mine. Secretly wishing in my head noooo give them back there mine.!!! aha
    This year i am trying to make up for the loss by growing big big plants enough to last me a year of smoke. Just a few pics here more posts to come.....

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  2. Dude,

    These are beautiful! Pretty funny how there is honor among thieves, the boy who stole your bike and plants left you one and took the rest! Thanks for sharing the pics! I hear that weed laws are as cool as anywhere on the planet in Spain?

  3. More pictures.... and still more to come

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  4. Yeah, its really good here for growing.. there are grow shops in almost every town, small local shops that always smell of skunk when you walk through the beeded doorway. Selling everything from soil, pots.. seeds, lights.. whatever a grower needs. The laws are mixed though.. some say you can grow a small amount for yourself, Max 3 plants. Some say you cant grow anything and its 100% illegal. It can be confusing sometimes.. They sell Eco ganja soil and ferts in every garden center you walk into on a big display as you walk in... How can it be illegal if they have this everywhere, encouraging people to grow?? Dont get it... but anyway i choose to grow because i refuse to deal with the scum bag dealers that live on this coast, i have been ripped off, skanked a number of times and refuse to have anything to do with these people. Weather here is perfect for growing most of the time. It gets 40 C+ here in the summer and can be a problem for the plants that are in pots.. sometimes watering plants 7 to 8 times a day to stop soil drying out and wilting... Cant wait to see how much this 1 plant yields that is in the ground... is over 8 foot now and still growing strong.. ..

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