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Organic Green Crack

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sharewarez, May 26, 2010.

  1. Got some of this last night

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  2. that bud is so fucking big it looks like my cock

  3. Lmfao, same... and looks like mids :hello:
  4. looks like some headies, im seeing crystals i think correct me if im wrong

  5. "some" Crystals is not considered Headies... If the thing looks like its dipped in honey and coated in sugar it is headies...
  6. ahahah, true, ok high mids :]
  7. def doesn't look like any green crack i've ever seen.
    That looks like some high mids. imo; If someone tried to sell that to me as OG Green Crack I'd laugh at them.
  8. that may be green crack since it is hard to tell a strain by the look but i have some regs right now that have more crystals than that.
  9. Theres no way in hell this is any kind of mids. You can tell that this guy got it close to the grower. Usually when bud is distributed (unless your at a dispensary) it doesnt come in such huge buds. But I actually prefer smaller. You probably got ripped off hardcore though considering the size of that stem.

  10. I get phat buds from street dealers all day.
    You probably buy small sacks hombre.
  11. The size of the bud doesn't matter as much as what it looks like. The hairs are compacted and tight. In fact the entire nug is compacted and tight, sort of hugging itself. That is more usual in mids to high mids, maybe beasters...but definitely nothing close to dank.
  12. Agree'd, nothing close to dank, high beasters at most.
  13. Naw dude i usually pick up O's. But that's on a good week.
  14. still wouldn't mind rolling that into some mad blunts

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