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  1. Im planning on moving to Oregon. I was just wondering if anyone could vouch for the ease of obtaining a license there? Is it like California where all you have to do is know the right doctor or what?

  2. Thanks Granny=)

    I love my grandma a lot so grandmas are the bomb!
  3. No, it is not like California at all which is why there are no stories in the media about the D.E.A. bothering anyone north of Yreka, California. Thankfully......

    California is pretty much 'low-hanging fruit' for the C.A.M.P. boys, i.e. too much of a target-rich environment to bother a bunch of dumb-assed hicks in Orygone!
  4. Can someone from oregon specify if theres choppers looking for your plants? I know parts of Maine has NO choppers at all. And in Vermont i believe they need a warrant to fly over your land.

    Im actually thinking about moving out there as well...
  5. The police have the right to fly over anywhere while doing their jobs. Out door growers have helecopters to be aware of. Oregon is to cold for great outdoor anyway. The indoor crops are fine.

  6. its also way harder to get a license
  7. You must have one of the qualifying conditions is all. It is hard to fake without your doctor's help. We have no DEA raids or other BS. Patients have to grow their own or find a grower.

  8. nice. get a license and we can convene legally! Im excited, 6 mature plants and 12 clones are legallll wooo. Im sure they could be five foot as long as theyre in veg.
  9. That site well take you to this site:

    The other one is interesting too, but the one I just posted is the one concerning current rules.

    Nausea is a condition. I have insomnia which leads to a loss of appetite which leads to nausea. I have a nauseatic condition :) sooo hopefully I find a chill doctor that will find non khemo induced nausea an applicable condition

  10. Whaaaaaat you should PM or keep you updated on this because i have hella bad insomnia (legitly) and i never persued getting a card because its not on the list.

  11. I believe you're mistaken, sir.
  12. :confused::confused::confused:

    Just start indoors for a couple weeks and plant in early June.
  13. nice good thinkin.
    an oregon blue ryder crop would be great:D and taste even better since its grown in oregon
  14. That statement was to broad. Where I live the temperatures drop to freezing in Sept - Oct. I know plenty of outdoor growers, but none will say Oregon is ideal. many use greenhoses or other shelters.


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