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  1. I need to know who is the most kknow led able about Oregon pot laws so I can ask them a question.
  2. Knowledgeable
  3. Try asking the question then getting the answer. Help us help you.
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  4. Probably some law scholar from oregan.
  5. I'm like 97% positive that they give you life in prison with no parole for possession of anything over 0.0001g in Oregon.
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  6. Basically who gets to see the info of recreational buyers at dispensaries in oregon?
  7. You mean you want to make sure your employer/government/ police / family won't find your name on a list cause you visited and bought weed legally?
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  8. I think this is what you are looking for.

    Q. Are dispensaries required to record the names of those purchasing recreational marijuana?

    A. No. A dispensary is not required to document the names of retail customers who purchase recreational marijuana products. However, the transaction must be captured in the Point of Sale system and include the following:
    The type of marijuana product sold
    The amount of marijuana product sold
    The birth date of the individual who bought the product
    The sale price
    The date of the sale
    A dispensary must develop a written policy that outlines the steps it will take to ensure that no more than the allowed amount of recreational marijuana product is sold to one person in a day.

    As a rec customer after your id is scanned I assume you become a birthdate in their system.

    As a med customer they record name.
  9. Thanks this all helps. Basically everyone I've asked said that no one's gonna see my info that I don't want. Let's just say my privacy is important right now and I don't want the cops or even the medical clinics to see that kind of info cuz I have ohp under oha who regulates the dispensaries.
  10. yes pretty much.
  11. My advice, stop going to the dispensaries, and start growing.
    While I am grateful for the legislation that has stopped prohibition in that state to a point, I don't support the greed machine that is producing shitty weed and making huge profits where farmers and users are still getting screwed. Grow your own buddy.
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  12. I don't know the answer to your question, and I have friends with the same concerns given their jobs. I go to the weed store for them. Maybe you can find a friend who will do the same for you. :p
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  13. Dude that is my plan. But I have to be established first so I don't waste my time by screwing it up otherwise. I've seen it happen to several people who did it just because they were barely established. And I can get it way better prices from private growers. Like 325 a pretty good outdoor pound of 4 kinds better if I am under the right circumstances. Mobility and such. But the shops are fun and every one of the hundreds of times I went there they had at least one dank strain in oregon.
  14. I really doubt all the jobs in the state are connected with the shops and cops, courts, government, family etc. It cant be that case. I'm just paranoid and never know. And that's something I've considered too.
  15. Or just get it from my good old buddies who hook me up way way way fatter but with outdoor mostly not as Dank but still dank.
  16. That was my assumption too. I'm pretty sure they just keep the records for... well, record keeping purposes. So they can show exactly where all the product went and all the money came from when the state gets up in their butts. I would doubt that any of that information gets out anywhere.

    Still, I don't blame anyone for being paranoid. Especially if it could compromise your career.
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  17. Or just general well being. The only person who sees the info is a dispensary regulator officer is what my knowledgeable friend told me.
  18. Just educate yourself as much as you can before you ever buy from a dispensary. My first time in they asked for my name and they may have input my drivers license too, so I am in their system. Had I known the law that I did not have to give them my name for their records, I would not have. It’s possible that the kid that took my info the first time in didn’t know that wasn’t required, but I sort of find that hard to believe if he worked there.

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