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  1. :hello::hello: just add some golfers, and your in my back yard:hello::hello:

    any strain suggestions for next year ?
  2. I have been following this thread with great interest. I had a skunk special that didn't fit into the room, so I put it outside (with a sister) in July. One got a serious case of miters and I nuked it in August, but the second one has turned into a splendid 3.5 foot bloomer, with fabulous budding going on. Thing is, no hairs are brown yet! the trichs are 50% cloudy, 30% clear, with a few ambers, but not many. If this were indoors, I would say two weeks. But 5 days of rain are coming to SW Washington on Tuesday! Should I try to cover it and see if I am going to get a little more sun, or just pull it down on Monday, like I hear here?

    First outdoor grow. I gotta do this again. Sun bud looks terrific!

  3. Same for me but im in lower oregon and temps are dropping close or to 40 my tips are turning purple on me from it and i think im still 3 weeks away from full ripen anyone got advice?
  4. i dont know for sure cause i havent grown it yet, but green house seeds the church is saposed to be 100% mold proof. ill let you know for sure a year from now but they say its saposed to be
  5. For one plant I'd cover it until it matures. Indirect sun is all it needs at your stage. Never tried it, but saw this on another forum:

    Pound 4-6 2x2s as long as you need into the ground, four for a smaller plant, six if width exceeds 3', wrap with clear plastic, cut 1-2' slits at bottom for ventilation.

    If my plants weren't mature I wouldn't harvest.
  6. ok oregon folks im a little upset.... seems your weather is comming here... thanks a lot!
  7. From the satellite imagery it looks like everywhere from Vancouver down to below San Francisco is going to get clobbered,
  8. BC or city?
  9. This is as far north as my images go:

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  10. damn that sucks i am so close to the edge of that. saposed to be 27 degrees here tonight i hope my plants dont die i dont have a heater in my green house
  11. Run out and buy a heater. Anything's better than nothing. Can you run electricity to it or do you need propane?
  12. i have electric in there i have propane tanks too
  13. There you go, no problem. Electric heaters are real cheap.
  14. did you see the size of my greenhouse? im gonna need a lot of heaters
  15. I have a 24x30 shop that stays 55 in 20 weather with two 1500W heaters. The ones with three-speed fans will also provide air circulation for your plants.

    I do my germination and indoor grow until mid-May there in a tarped-off 12'x12' area and one heater keeps it above 70 with a cement floor.

    Those heaters sell for about $25/ea, so figure the number you need against potential loss value. All you need is above freezing.
  16. Bro you just made me feel better! I normally don't listen to people unless they know what they are talkin about and you sound like you do thanks!
  17. I know weed and weather's another hobby. I have a weather station with the data console right next to my PC monitor. Even though we have two HVAC systems in the house we prefer heating with wood. With my wife considering anything indoors under 70 arctic conditions when she's out of bed and the growing I've spent a lot of attention on weather and heat requirements.
  18. ive always naturally paid attention and monitored the weather but this is my first year of real work. i have no help or no mentor its all me so i keep running into little learning issues but im pullin it off. thanks for the heater idea its workin great and keepin my humidity way down much better than my dehumidifier
  19. Good for you. How long do you have to go?

    I hung seven plants early this AM, make take the rest this afternoon or cover them for a few days. Dried test buds from 5, 6 and seven days ago were superior without curing.
  20. sativa dom so im thinkin around Halloween i already choped my indica my trics are still transparent on the haze im going to straight water after i feed on wed just incase the decide to be done before halloween

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