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  1. Has gone to shit. Rain forecast for the next week with Friday at 70 the only dry day. I'll be busy shaking water off colas to avoid breakage. My trichs are fully opaque with 5% amber on the runts. The big girls have imo 7-10 days left. Fans will definitely be part of this harvest year.

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  2. Nice looking bud......I'm in SW Washington and facing the same shit.
  3. Thanks. I'm also an organic grower. Being able to cover the crop during end-of-season inclement weather has long been a topic of discussion among growers here, but no one wants to risk bud rot. As usual we''ll deal with the rain.

    I'm at 1800' and happy about that as snow is expected at 5000'.
  4. I used to know some growers back in the late eighties in Cave Junction/Grants Pass. They've long since left, but that country is sure ideal for outdoor growing. By the looks of your buds, not much has changed:cool:.
  5. yeah this week is gonna suck although it's oregon so its not like it wasn't going to rain or anything.
  6. Sure glad I been busting my ass getting all my plants covered. I love it when it is raining hard and my plants are nice and dry. :D
  7. Still indica strains being grown here that were developed in Cave Junction, O'Brien, Williams and that area in the '70s and '80s. 'Name brand' seeds and sativa dominant don't get much play here by other than new medical growers due to the relatively short season.
  8. Hail today, two different times. These are tough plants.

  9. LMAO.. very true..

    but hey atleast I am getting a valid argument for a greenhouse out of it ... ;) ( crosses fingers)
  10. I could never bring myself to do it, or cover them, I don't want it any more complicated than it is, but I recognize your concerns growing on the coast. You do get some fierce weather.
  11. Rain here tomorrow, possible Sunday and then clear skies, 70 days but near overnight freezing temps from Monday on. Looks good to me. Trichs are at 20% amber on most plants, runts should go off by the middle of the week.

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  12. damn you guys get cold down in the desert, I forgot. I don't expect frost for at least another 3 weeks up here but my buds are turning purple aswell. That first plant Looks like some danks ass purp.
  13. In the Valley and my buds got a tint of purple as well.
  14. Rain this coming Monday night, through the next week and who knows what after that. I'm seeing 50-90% amber on the leaf trichs and 20% calyx on most plants. Everything's getting purple from the cold nights (30s) so I'm going to take everything on Monday but three plants I can feasibly cover from the rain and worry about bud rot in those until they finish.

  15. First time, W Wa. It looks pretty good for a few more days, but I am new to the dodging rqain thing. Can I just go and put a trashh bag over it while it rains (or frosts) to extend it a bit? Mine has about two more weeks to go.

  16. After it rains I turn this baby on. It will move air down my whole backyard. About a 20 min blow and everything is bone dry. I do have a cover and carport but the bottom of my plants will get wet from splash. This fan takes care of that in no time. I will add a switch to slow it down some so it can run 24/7
  17. dont take this wrong guys but ha ha ha ha not twords your lack of growth but for your abudance of rain im usually the victim of that being im from the puget sound area sorry guys but its been sunny here for the last two weeks and saposed to be until halloween thanks for stealing my water!
  18. Good for you. I lived in North Bend for awhile and it averaged 112" of moisture a year. Summer was July, August and September. Growth isn't a problem but the threat of mold is.
  19. well that too i hate mold its a daily fight even for me here my green house is helping though
  20. I'd like another week but they look good right now with red/brown pistils curled back into the buds and swollen calyxes. Trichs are amber on the bud leaves and fully opaque with a smattering of amber on the calyxes.

    I just tried a bud I took with five-days of drying in perfect conditions and that prompted an executive decision; I'm going to harvest everything on Monday.

    It'll be a hassle getting everything cut and undercover, but that's far better than my anxiety with four straight days of rain at this stage. Time for some friends.

    Nice sweet, yet to be cured smoke with the effects I like; I'm very pleased.

    Local in-ground organic indica, 11-weeks of flowering.

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