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Oregon peoples?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by KKSixx, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Anyone live out in Oregon USA?
  2. interesting place to post this...
  3. Eugene here (=

  4. bro's got sense.

    me too brah. :wave:
  5. eugene yo
  6. Eugene the shit
  7. oc its where its at
  8. I live in Independence
  9. Portland, here.
  10. In the 503, Portland bro.
  11. No you're the only one that lives in Oregon.
  12. 503 as well
  13. Oregon is the shit... i gotta visit again... and get weed next time. Once i heard it was 100-200/oz for just about everything from chronic outties to fire innies... definitely going there again soon. That or washington... i love both states :smoke:
  14. no but i see a lot of you fuckers in california i like your license plates
  15. Cali license plates are just as annoying here in Montana :wave:

    No but your guys' plates are really boring, "CALFIRONIA"... ours are just blue with the outline of Montana now haha... used to be a gigantic mountain range but they changed that for visibility reasons :p
  16. P town what what

  17. 541 ***** bend oregon

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