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  1. how many of you live in oregon and are excited about the marijuana tax act 2010? I really believe that it will pass since the economy is so shitty right now. it will help Oregon grow so much. What do you guys think will happen?
  2. Please provide details
  3. if this act passes in 2010, then marijuana is going to be legalized in oregon. They will sell it in stores by the gram to ppl who are 21 and older. they will start using hemp for pretty much everything. they can use it for food, fiber, electricity, etc.
    there will be legal marijuana farmers and dealers.
    you can learn more about it if you go to www.cannabistaxact.org

    I spent hours on that website learning about all the different ways to use hemp. i thought i knew a lot about hemp but that website taught me so much more.
  4. The only reason why it would fail is because the voters are misinformed. I am not really 100% sure how to get the info out there and educate all the potential voters. The list of pros for this tax act is practically endless, but what Ive concluded is that, if someone has EVER smoked cannabis, their credibility is instantly shot down, and every argument and point that they make, the opposition's response would be "well you smoked weed, you just want this so you can continue using drugs."

    This is why we need a famous ideal saying " I HAVE NEVER SMOKED CANNABIS AND I AM VOTING YES ON THE BALLOT FOR (list of reasons).These people have to never have smoked, showing that the benefits are for EVERYONE not just the occasional smokers.

    Seems like alot of people are quiet and don't want to stand up even though EVERYONE secretly knows that cannibis should not be illegal. People need to AT LEAST start talking about it.

    The facts are out there, and the list of pros vs cons is one sided for sure, in every way.

    Also if your reading this and thinking, well this has nothing to do with me because i don't live in Oregon, your completely wrong. This is the start to a global change on the cannabis laws. If this passes, the other states will follow, and soon other countries will start reworking their laws as well. If your a seed seller in the UK, I would start getting people to support and donate to the Oregon tax cause, because this will increase profits of your business.

    Well.. I am going to continue searching for a smart way to inform voters...

    Any in site on this would be helpful. I was thinking of something along the lines or posting on forums informing and asking people to help the cause, then when the election winds down posting fliers around town. I really cant think of much else to do sense, im just a poor engineering student... :D

    Thanks for the read

    (p.s i know i cant spell and most likely I used incorrect grammar throughout this reply. Please keep those comments to your self.)
  5. Personally I am hugely excited about this and believe that it has a large chance of passing. They have done recent polls which show a lot of hope for us.
    Also everyone needs to make sure their local NORML offices are on top of this!!!! Ive been working with mine and hopefully we can get this done.
    Please, if you are interested in seeing Oregon I 73 pass this year, volunteer your time, effort and if possible (i know how tight times in Oregon are right now) money.
    This act would prove virtually invaluable to our economy. It would:
    Create 1,000's of jobs
    cut on jail costs
    keep innocent people out of jail
    prevent lives from being ruined
    create much needed revenue for our state
    And that's just the beginning! OCTA has such a great potential, please don't let it fail!
    *steps off soap box*
  6. damn thats insane. if Oregon legalizes it before cali, then everyone will just shift to Oregon. it will make that boring farmer place more exciting. hell , i might even venture out into the sticks of Oregon in this case
  7. As a Washington resident I'm rooting my ass off for your guys. Let's get the whole west coast legal!
  8. West Coast is where its at.

    "Two turntables and a microphone"

    Seriously, its good to see California getting some competition on this. This could be bigger than Mt. St. Helens.
  9. man, i could so easily move to oregon in a heartbeat too...damn you ohio!
  10. All right then Mr. Beck. God, I would laugh my ass off if they beat Cali to the punch. Then I'd start feeling bad that WI isn't in this situation.

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