Oregon Governor imposes state moratorium on death penalty

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Phamas, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Good ol' democracy
  2. Wow, and the guy wants to die too. He gave up his other appeals and wasnt even seeking reprieve. :(
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    State murder is wrong.
  4. Killing is a natural function.

    I would easily kill you to save my life.

    But yeah killing randomly is definitely wrong.
  5. A leader deciding to overturn the ruling of the people is wrong.
  6. There is a lot of controversy over the lethal injection method they had planned to use. Given the cost of the drugs, they could just lock him up with a pound of heroin and a bottle of jack....

    Behind execution of Gary Haugen, controversy swirls around the drugs used and who administers them | OregonLive.com

  7. I think if you're going to execute someone, at least make a show of it.
  8. Scaphism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  9. oh so thats what you call it.
  10. I used to support the death penalty wholeheartedly then I realized how fucked up our legal system is.

  11. Killing is human, we wouldn't be on top of the food chain if we had it any other way. Personally I really had wish the Government could have telecast prison gladiator events with gambling, it be a sure fire way to boost up the economy.

  12. Actually, a lot of anthropologists and evolutionary biologists say that humans are dominant on the food chain because of our efficiancy in hunting in groups and our advanced cognitive skills; There are still some hunter-gather tribes who can easily identify an animal, just by looking at the surroundings and studying days-old tracks. Not to mention, there are plenty of animals more vicious than Homo Sapiens Sapiense that aren't even on our level of dominance.

  13. haha you're right i fixed it

  14. Human beings are the only creature among the animal kingdom who have perfected the tools for killing. Spears, swords, guns, mines, bombs. Our fascination in new ways to kill not only each other but other creatures are why we have survived so long.

    To Kill is only human.
  15. I really hope you mean "to kill for other than food/defense..."

  16. That is exactly what I mean

  17. Actually chimpanzees use spears to kill shit inside tree trunks. And they go to war. It's creepy

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