Ordering Seeds to the USA?

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  1. Is it possible? I mean not from GC but another website? Whats are the risks involved? :confused: B/c I will be moving out soon and these damned Cali prices are a huge rip, so I wana grow my own. Any idea on how bad it will be if the mail were to get "caught"? Anyways thanks for reading and replying. :hello:
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    Just yesterday I received my seeds from nirvana-shop.com. Very discreet stealthy shipping method, and only 10 days from the day I placed the order until they arrived.

    Here's a list of legit seed sites that ship to the US: http://forum.grasscity.com/seed-banks/323640-current-legit-seed-banks.html

    Also, if you were to get "caught"... you would receive a letter in the mail from the feds that says they seized your package (or so I've been told). According to most of the people on here, you get the letter and that's that, nothing more happens. Of course, don't have them ship the seeds to a place where there are illegal activities taking place...
  3. Actually, they take your beans out, replace it with the letter and reseal the package. It doesn't even look like it has been opened and SURPRISE, you get a letter and no beans. As far as worrying about ordering beans online, I got 16 from the Attitude seed bank in the UK. They have a "Guaranteed Stealth" option. Even if customs snags it, they will send out another. The only way they do not reship is if you use fake info or you receive a letter stating you have to pick it up from the post office. Nirvana is not my favorite place. I know of a few ppl that did not get their orders after paying, among other things. Nirvana does not have a "guarantee". Once it's in the mail, it's not their problem anymore.

  4. I would recommend Attitude over Nirvana as well... I've heard nothing but great things, plus they give nice freebies, so my next seed order will definitely be through Attitude
  5. What are you thinking about getting? I just got 5 fem Barney's Farm Blue Cheese, 5 fem Greenhouse Seed co Big Bang. The freebies were 5 reg G13 Thai Super Skunk (2 are germing as I type this) and 1 fem G13 White Widow. After I placed my order, I did a little more research and I'm wishing I got some BF Red Diesel as well. Lot's of people are singing the praises on that strain. Be sure and use the "stealth" option, includes a nice t-shirt:smoking:
  6. Thanks guys for all the informative replies! :D
  7. If you're still worried get a PO box (mailboxes etc or the like) and change your name slightly on the order. There is a couple of review sites for marijuana seedbanks that will tell you who ships where, stealth shipping, guarantees, etc. Google. Good Luck.
  8. FWIW: I ordered and received beans delivered to the Midwest from Attitude and dope-seeds.com. Both were quick and discreet , Attitude was the stealthier of the two.
  9. Go with The Attitude....
  10. I used my own debit card and my real name... and boom got em in 6 days from attitude (stealthy shipping!)

  11. I sent them cash and got my seeds. Wouldn't risk that with another seed bank !

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