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    Hello, I know that this question is asked perpetually, but It doesnt matter.
    Yesterday Ive booked an order from "RoyalQueenSeeds", but I realized that my country in not on the list for delivering goods/seeds. I wrote them a ticket and theyve told me that they send seeds in my country, a poor Southern European country, regarding that its illegal distributions of hemp seeds.
    Here, is strictly illegal to do anything about cultivating cannabis. I am not a pot rookie, Im a public smoker and a micro grower, but never ordered from seeds bank online. 
    Im in some paranoid state. I know that every countrie has different laws for hemp seeds...
    How safe is to order cannabis seeds in a country that is conservative with cannabis laws? 
    Currently marijuana law in my state is that you can make a deal with the officers if they caught less than 2-3 grams, and you will pay a fine from 100 to 500 euros, which is a copious amount of money here. 
    Also we smoke in front of police at parks, football matches and public gatherings. But cultivating is a vicious offence, doesnt matter if its a for medicinal reason.
    Its very strange here, police doesnt or very rare make arrests among public smokers or small pot dealers, but they put your ass in jail for 3-5 plants for personal use. 

  2. If your country only fines you then it is better than a SWAT team kicking in your door.

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