Ordering Pipes & Such Online?

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  1. I had a quick question. Is it illegal to actually buy pipes online? I mean, I did buy my pipe in person at a Headshop. I was thinking about buying a vaporizer online, but I don't want to risk the cops showing up at my door because of it. I'm dry right now anyways, but eventually I won't be. So you can see what I'm going with this. Any suggestions would be helpful. :D
  2. As long as the site is reputable, it will be fine. Most sites seem to keep a low profile in terms of packaging too. I would assume that if you're not spending a ridiculous amount of money at once and are only buying a couple glass pieces at once, you will be fine.

    The authorities really can't do anything because for all they know, that $200 bong you just bought is for tobacco.
  3. Yep your safe, I think theres a buyer-seller agreement they can't give out your info. As long as it's not like a cop site to bust weed heads like buy this sweet bong for your weed with a side bag of chronic!!

    Vapes can be used for tobacco and especially if your buying only one, there's nothing to worry about. Make sure you order from a reputable site. What vaporizer are you looking to get?

    I'm ordering Da Buddha from their website tomorrow or on the phone with them.
  4. Could anyone recommend me a site to find a portable vaporizer?
  5. I havnt checked but GC probably does.
  6. VaporGenie for sure. It's not a "classic" vaporizer, but it is a vaporizer, is portable, and looks like a classy pipe. They're $55 on the website and come with a lifetime warranty and free parts when you need them... it's definitely my favorite piece to use right now, although it isn't as satisfying as glass.
  7. Ok so, now I have the ordering info.. This is probably a more important question. How does it actually work? I've researched and most websites say it's very much more healthy then actually smoking it. As that makes sense because passing stuff through your lungs, it's very healthy. Anyways, could someone maybe elaborate?
  8. Look into the Vapor Genie.
  9. Ask away or feel free to shoot me a PM, I just got me Genie, but I love it, and I'm hitting it right now. :hello:

    There's a good user guide on the site found here. Basically, you hold the lighter over the top part, and draw the flame towards a ceramic filter. This filter heats up and basically is what causes the "vaporization."

    A pretty precise technique is needed to get a good hit consistently, and correct lighter placement goes a LONG way. I've read people need to hold the lighter on for 10+ seconds, but even on the first hit I take (when the filter is cool), I hold it on for maybe 4-6 seconds MAX. Wind also affects the VG performance a whole lot, but the plus side is it releases such a small amount of odor (which isn't even very strong) that you could probably use it comfortably in a stealth situation like a bedroom or a dorm.
  10. It's not illegal to have a pipe unless it has resin which it wont if you're buying a fresh pipe online. People use pipes for tobacco.

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