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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by TheBobMarley, May 10, 2011.

  1. I was just wondering if ordering a bong on this site is a good idea? In other wordsm is it a reliable site for orders? Thanks. :smoke:
  2. Of course it's a reliable place! Go ahead, by a bong and toke up!
  3. Look man, im going to be straight up with you cause you deserve it. If you don't have patients YOU WILL not like ordering from grasscity, if you do have patients and you don't mind the little risk factor of customs confiscating your smoking tools then you should be dandy.
  4. I heard that it wasn't the best site, i dont remember the reason though so lol w/e

    Trying to find a $100 or less bong that is taller than 20 inches. Could anyone help me out?
  5. go to your lhs thats the best place to get glass
    EDIT: unless they got shitty china glass then go to alt, bfg or bm
  6. Yes.

    I've made a couple purchases off the site and was satisfied overall. Service was good and shipping was timely. Some of the glass is cheaper and thin but prices are good overall and there are some decent quality pieces if you look around.

    For a sub $100 bong, I'd say this site is a good place to look. Stick with something "name brand" where the quality seems to be controlled better- if this makes sense? Molino, EHLE, etc... :smoke::smoke:
  7. Black Leaf is a really good beginner brand, agreed?
  8. ^^Actually I was disappointed in the quality of the BL bong I bought :(. Price wasn't bad so it wasn't worth getting too angry over but the glass on the bottom is thinner than I prefer and the quality is just lacking..the downstem isn't even completely airtight :eek:.

    Other pieces I've bought from GC I've been completely happy with.

    I think its all about what piece you go with..service is definitely good.
  9. Yea GC's legit.If u have headshops around then most likely that costoms wont seize your bong.
  10. Of course it reliable & a great site...but I hear some ppl have problems with US customs, only a small percentage
  11. Agreed.
    I got their black leaf elite 8 arm perc, it claims its a 6 arm perc but its definitely 8. Its bigger then they make it out to be, 16 inches, 100$ including shipping and tax. Just great, 4/5 for sure.
  12. Where did you get it shipped to?

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