Ordering Grow Supplies In The Mail

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by zamnn, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. I live in a pretty strict state and im wondering if ordering grow supplies (seeds lights grow tent) for a personal grow would be suspicous im pretty sure it wont as im only going to be growing a few plants in my home and have a carbon filter going but id rather be safe then spend 3 years in prison.

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  2. No, it's safe. First of all you're ordering across state lines, so local and state cops have no jurisdiction, which is where the harshest penalties are. Federal cops have much bigger fish to fry than closet growers, and you'd be surprised how many people order this kind of equipment for legitimate uses. Some people have entire gardens in their basements with rare flowers and shit, others put them up in greenhouses. Search youtube, you'll find a shitload of legitimate indoor gardens.
    Investigations don't begin with legal purchases just to see if you're doing something illegal, it's the other way around. Search warrants require somebody... cop, friend, neighbor, postal worker, meter reader, doctor, teacher, etc. ... to swear under penalty of law that you're doing something illegal. That's the only way to get a search warrant in the US, and nobody's going to put their neck on the line just because you bought something that's perfectly legal. Even if a postal worker went to the cops, they would ask him a list of questions and eventually determine that he has zero knowledge of any illegal activity.
    Same goes for power usage, you'd be surprised what some people use legitimately. It would take a shitload of lights for me to have the highest usage in my neighborhood. Even with my growroom I'm only slightly above average compared to my neighbors (yes, it shows that on my bill)
    Same goes for seeds. Even if your local cops found you with a package of seeds, the charge would be simple possession and by no means is proof that you're growing in your home. Order your stuff and keep your mouth shut. Don't tell people about it and don't sell anything, you'll be fine.

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