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    I have been reading a lot of false info regarding ordering safety, some of it in a sticky that used to be around. (no offense here please).

    We all want it done safe and simple since most of us have a future to think about.

    One of the greatest misconceptions around is the use of personal Credit/Debit Cards.

    Most reputable places including www.GrassCity.com use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for their ordering process. (I don't know of one that doesn't!)
    The use of SSL guarantees eliminating the unauthorized interception and use of your credit card whether that would be by a crook or any other interested but not authorized parties.

    By now you are probably asking yourself: "Yeah great I can use my Credit/Debit Card but I don't want my seeds, pipes etc. sent to my Credit/Debit Card registered address!"

    That's when it's time to use another name than your own and an address you consider safe as for the SHIPPING ADDRESS.
    That could be an address at a friends house. The name of a person who used to live at your place. I have heard some successfully using their work place address. Others have used next doors address and intercepted the mail (questionable option!).

    Use your common sense and connect that with your fantasy where to have your ordered items sent.

    If it's a glass pipe it is NOT considered Paraphernalia as long as it is unused (clean, no residue).

    Seeds should not (never) be sent to an address where you are/will be growing or have anything incriminating around so please keep that in mind and refer to the above 'safe address' section.
    Although very unlikely you don't want your order to run in to some (new) customs officer who wants to state an example on your seed order to establish himself by showing up at your door just because you used your own addy.

    Hope my post helped making a decision you feel comfortable with.

    PS: The above applies to the US of A and maybe the country you are living in, too.


    Below is a very well written post which was made as a result from discussing ordering-/online safety, to keep it simple I will just Quote it here:

    Your post above is wisely written and I would like to add to your list a very popular place for hosting pictures called www.Photobucket.com (and most others!)

    People have concerns about this and that but upload TONS of incriminating pictures on to Photobucket (and many others) w/o having read their privacy policy.:rolleyes:

    Members don't (want to?) realize they basically have let their pants down in front of LEO by signing up there!

    Upload your pics as an attachment to your www.GrassCity.com post and you will be as safe as you can.

    Some use www.TinyPic.com for hosting their pictures, that site allows picture-uploads without signing up, basically just "upload & go!"

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  4. some people are too paranoid but i've ordered seeds twice using mr cc & debit card.... lol
  5. Yeah people are pretty paranoid but honestly if I was growing indoors I wouldn't order the seeds to my [grow]house with my own CC/DC . However, out in the woods not on my property it wouldn't be a big deal if the leo came to my house. "Sure come on in officers."
  6. Is shipping to a PO box a bad idea? I didn't see that mentioned.
  7. ^^^^^^^^I thought the following paragraph within my OP covered that:

    The thing about P.O Boxes is to get one you have to show personal identification. If you get seeds sent to that P.O. Box they have to be sent with the (YOUR REAL) NAME that P.O. Box has been registered with.

    In case the (although VERY MINIMAL) chance quoted in the paragraph above would occur how would you deny having anything to do with that seed order?

    You couldn't!
  8. I remember some guy send Bill Clinton 3 pounds of buds back when he was president. Does that mean Bill did something wrong? Could he have been charged for that?

    What I'm getting at is, isn't it illegal to have contraband sent to you, but not illegal for you if someone else had it sent to you without your permission? So then wouldn't they have to prove you in fact ordered it?

    Also I've often heard that it's best to have seeds sent to someone else's house. But that someone else would then have to know about it right? So then that someone else whom you trust could tell someone they trust (but you don't) and now you're the guy with the grow op and when someone who has no loyalty to you gets popped, they cut a deal.

    Really, are the odds higher of getting busted by having seeds sent to a PO Box than if you got a friend involved? I doubt most people can say they know which is safer.

    Also, I wonder what are the legal implications of ordering in a state where you qualify for medical cannabis? Can you actually get busted for ordering the seeds themselves? Does anyone know of one case where that happened?
  9. I'm having my seeds sent to a P.O. box simply because I can't (and don't) get my mail sent to my house all my mail is sent to my P.O. box so, so won't my seeds.

  10. As far as I know it is perfectly LEGAL to have seeds in the UK (I am afraid I do not know about the US) Just as smoking weed is LEGAL. Possesion though is of course illegal so as soon as you germinate those seeds only then are you breaking the law!

    So customs should not sieze any seed orders that does not mean however that if it is inspected they will not alert the police to it who might keep an eye on you!

    If you have more than a couple plants best send them to a friend! (I send em to my mum)
  11. I just stickied this thread. It is better than Bank404's thread because well, leapfrog is a more reliable member.
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    Federal law in the US still says that growing is against the law. Customs officials will have to follow the federal guidlines regarding this. So yes, if they catch you, you will get busted. But it is still not that likely.
  13. I know they *could* bust you. But I don't know about *will* bust you. Do you have a link of a news story or blotter that has someone being busted for ordering and receiving seeds? I'd like to be aware of it to gauge my risk level.
  14. in all honesty I am not aware of anyone who has ever been busted for buying seeds online. I am sure that there have been busts but I also think its not a major priority. In addition, if you take the usual precautions I think it would be hard to prove in a court of law.
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    Someone please help to remove this guy from posting, he can't even spell legit right, the site looks wack and who wants to use Paypal to pay for seeds, how about no paper trail? Good luck with that.
  16. yea u have to watch customs comming into the us. i just lost a seed order last week and recieved the package with a letter in it saying the confiscated it and if i would like i could file a claim against it and see if they would return them. I think i will just let them keep it this time , LOL. This is the second time they have gotton my order in 3 yrs. if you keep it down to once or twice a year you wouldnt have too much to worry about but if you get crazy and they catch a order every 2-3 months for you then you might want to worry a bit. but you never know what they will catch or not either so i change up names and ship to my home. i recieve most of them but as i said i have lost 2 orders to them in the last 3 yrs. not small orders either,so i dont have to order too many times. my orders cost are 4-800 a order. NEVER HAD THEM SHOW UP HERE !! :) US POT GROWERS ASSOCIATION !! (chicago)



    GROW'S IN BUSHES ......
  17. Just wanted to chime in with my two cents real quick with one more suggestion for anyone wanting to use a credit/debit card, but too afraid of someone getting your information.

    It is a hassle to send check/money order/cash through the mail to obtain ANYTHING, this being no different. However, if you are still too skeptical to use your credit/debit card there are other alternatives that will give you the same perks of utilizing one.

    What you will need to do is find a retail store who offers prepaid credit/debit cards. You can pay cash for these cards and use them like you would use your normal credit/debit card, but you don't have to affiliate your information with this card. This is a fair compromise which allows you to use plastic without putting you in a state of paranoia! These cards can be found at countless locations. I usually go to a large grocery store chain or some sort of Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart-esque store to find them.

    I hope this helps those of you who need want the convenience of ordering immediately with a card as opposed to using cash or otherwise!
  18. Actually... That's one of the best ideas I have heard in a while. Using Visa gift cards is a great idea. thanks!!!
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    As long as you find a site that accepts them and are willing to deal with a few uncertainty's, fine.

    But there really isn't a reason not to use a regular Credit/Debit card of course that's if you have one (but who 18 or older doesn't?).

    Thought that was made quiet clear in the OP?
  20. wow its very simple. go to walmart get a prepaid cc load as much as your going to spend + overnight or 2/3 day service. Ups or Fedex even the postal servie is way to bogged down to inspect every package"especially 2/3 day " my dad work for postal service and he says its mostly machines anyways. once the cc is used just toss it in the trash.:smoking:

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