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    ok so i have a few questions about ordering a vaporizer online and vaporizers.

    Do you have to sign when they delivered it because I just want them to drop it off...

    Also, do they have the name of the site on the outside of the shipment box. Because I'm in college and live with my parents and lets just say if they got to the door before me or saw it on the porch and saw "Vaporizer.com" or whatever on the box they would not be to happy to say the least.

    I have emailed several sites to ask the above questions but I was wondering if you guys know of any sites that offer a discrete delivery... (you can't tell whats inside by looking at the shipment box). because i am sure there are plenty of people in the same situation as me.

    What am worried about is there being a return address on the box that says vaporizer.com or something.

    So any ideas on how to get a vap to my house undetected?

    I thought Amazon at first but sadly their vaporizers are sold by a 3rd party so I don't think it would just say Amazon on the box.

    Finally, I am looking for a very portable (fits in you pocket would be nice), discrete vaporizer that is durable (I don't want to blow 2 hundred bucks to have it break after a month). Also it needs to be healthy. I don't want to be breathing in any bad/unhealthy fumes or smoke just pure marijuana. I have heard that some vaps are really bad if you get the wrong kind...

    I have been thinking the N02 by Vapir. Any other suggestions?

    Thanks for your help! And i can't buy it at a smoke shop because i have $300 stuck in paypal that I am trying to spend.
  2. I bought my Arizer Solo from Amazon through the Puff it Up shop for $175 shipped. Everyone else that were cheaper had older models, Puff it up had the M106.

    I only could order it from Amazon since all I had was e-codes, so I only searched there. Came via USPS within 48 hours from CA to IL, and the box did not say Puff it up or amazon. Said something else unrelated like six sigma corp or something.

    Make sure you ask for discrete shipping, thats for sure. Puff it up has a chat option on their site. Go on there, chat with them, tell you you'll pay via paypal for an M106 or newer model, and they can send you an invoice.

    They were willing to do $160 with a paypal invoice, but I only had amazon e-codes so I paid the $175. Check them out, AWESOME customer service. I paid for the standard shipping that was 4-14 business days, and got here in like 35 hours cross country.
  3. If the vapes here on GC catch your fancy then order them here, shipping is discreet and fast.

    If you want something they don't carry, then puff it up is a good choice if your located in America. If your in Canada then planetvape is second to none. I have had nothing but good experiences with them.

    Ill also second the arizer solo as the best vape for you judging by what you have said in your post. I own one and looooove it.
  4. I've ordered all manner of smoking gear and the packaging is discrete enough that nobody knows what I'm getting but me. My suggestion is the Arizer Solo. It's a great vape and worth the $$$. Very sturdy, small, and efficient. It's a portable thats about as close to a desktop vape as you can currently get. I've heard good things about the DaVinci, but I have no experiance. If you have a couple hundred, don't fall into the mflb trap. You can get a much better vape. It won't be as small, but it will produce better vapor and be easier to use. If you are strapped, then go ahead and get the mflb. It's really basic and doesn't produce the best of vapors, but it's the best low end vape you will find.

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