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    long time reader first time poster does any one know if this is a scam or the real deal i found it on line i haven't tryed it my self but looks tempting
  2. looks way to expensive.....

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  3. that's what i was thinking also pay more for shipping then for bud
    are there any places that are cheeper
  4. I live in Colorado so I just go to the store....

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  5. defo not real, cant tell you the way to get it legit, not allowed to discuss it on the fourms :D
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  6. I've had a bad experience trying to order online. Only tried it once, and what I got looked like loose leaf tea not pot and no one got high smoking it. It was lousy as a tea, as well.
  7. Ah ordering bud online. I know nothing about ordering though people on the dark net etc..

    But a funny story from back in the day. about ten years ago I heard of this service Dutch Joints. apparently it was this dude Rene in Amsterdam who you sent cash to, and he sent you bud. He had a web site and everything.

    The process was hilarious, You had to send him a personal letter (snail mail), then he would respond with a letter of his own with ordering instructions. So out of curiosity I sent him a letter, and lo and behold, he sent one back. Then the sketchy part, you had to send cash. So I sent the required funds for an eighth of Northern Lights, and less than a month later I get package with an eighth in in. Nice buds, but compressed to all hell due to him using a vacuum sealer. But, Holy crap, it worked!

    So then I deiced since it worked the first time I'd try a quarter next, so I did. Sent the cash. Maybe a month later I get an envelope that had been opened, no bud, nothing, just an envelope. Lol...

    Oh well, was funny the first time. Pressed my luck and lost the second. All in all though it was cool just for the experience. I still have the letter he sent me with the bud. I could post a pic if anyone's interested in it.
  8. I like hands on dispensaries. I am so greatful I can smell and see the bud before I buy it. I would not trust online.
  9. Move to Canada, LEGAL recreational weed available online later this year(2018):weed:
  10. now treemo.com

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