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  1. I am looking to order a second round of seeds. I used Herbies before but dont feel like waiting a month and a half to get them again.

    Ive heard Attitude has been sturggling with reputation lately.

    How sketchy is ordering from a US seed bank to ship to an illegal state?

    I understand that ordering seeds is, in and of itself sketchy. But im assuming not having to go through customs is a huge plus.

    However I am concerned with the packaging of US seed banks. I feel they will send the package tatted up with their logo and some sort of pot/weed logo therefore tipping off the mail man who might be a prick and tip off the cops.

    Anybody have any experience ordering from US bank to illegal state?
  2. True north came through for me . Made small order so if nothing showed didnt lose much money. Hit and miss on the inventory but got what i ordered in 7 days.
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  3. Crop kings was next choice.
  4. Click Seeds. (package came from OR) Got them in 3-4 days. Plain, small envelope with no weed markings/etc. Looks like any other mail. Not a huge selection... but there is fire there for sure.
  5. Greenpoint Seeds (Colo.).
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  6. Seen these guys but figured package coming out of colorado would be more susceptible to search lol
  7. I ordered from them with no issues..I only buy Feminized seeds now which seems to be a problem with our new seedbanks..:confused_2:
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    Swami Organic Seeds has my favorite genetics.

    Theres no way that their going to search mail from within USA, unless they know something.

    Also think about this.

    Selling seeds is at the least a grey area, and is against federal law to use the mail in commission of a crime. Especially going across state lines.

    These people aren't wanting to broadcast to the world to what theyre doing.

    But even if seeds do get found, all they do is take them, and send you a letter saying you can challenge the seizure, or just leave it alone.

    Ive also had 0 problems with Attitude, and have ordered 4 times in the last 2 months.But Swami has what I want. Mainly the Original Nevils 88 Release of NL5 x Haze.

    Blue Orca Haze. Which is a 1971 Kandahar x 76 Thai x NL5/Hz.

    Swami also as the Real Deal Mr Greengenes ( RIP ) Cherry Bomb/Maui Wowie IBL. Only 2 people have the real deal CB. Swami, and Verdant Green. All others are crosses.

    He will also have RKS x 85 NL5

    RKS x Blue ORca

    RKS x The One. The One is a sister of Blue Orca.

    This RKS has been hybridized for over 30 years in Guadalajara
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  9. great lakes genetics out of MI is legit. a bit of a hassle having to get a money order and mailing it out but no customs and the boxes the send it in are plain priority mail ones
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  10. Would like to give them a try, but I never send cash or MOs..Only use seedbanks taking US CCs now..:)
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  11. Amen to that! Even got a prepaid cc so just load up whats needed and not lose any sleep about fraud.
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  12. I just ordered from seedsupreme. Pait with bit coin. All my seeds arrive stuffed inside a pen...but everything arrived.

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  13. Swami Organic Seeds takes CC.
  14. Is there a reason for that? Was gonna order from herbies; but is there risk in sending money orders?

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  15. While i'm here, was just about to order some gorilla glue (#4 but don't really care which), girl scout cookies, blue dream; and as a starting strain, some auto northern lights. I was thinking of getting about 5 of each genetics, and about 3 of the auto northern lights. Was originally planning on ordering from herbies and doing the money order; but you guys got me thinking that may not be the best option. Should I order each strain from a different US seed bank? that way if one gets seized I won't lose $200 in genetics?

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  16. What would you do if they screwed you over or the MO was stolen? With a CC, you can contest the CHG..(if you are not in a legal state.I have no idea) If you contest and the CC company finds out what the purchase was..they will prolly revoke the card. WTF..Lots of CC companies out there anyway..JMHO as usual..

    That's why I like TSSC, Bonza, and MSNL..CCs and all the rest..no worries..
    As seeds become more expensive and the good stuff becomes harder to find..errors and scams are increasing..ie: got 10 fems from one of my own trusted seedbanks..4 months later, after I planted 2, I found out that one of them was a completely different strain (NOT a Phoeno either)..I notified them and let's just say they made it right by me..That's why I stick with the seedbanks I know personal experience wise!
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  17. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the advice. will probably just get a pre paid card and order on that then. Would you mind if I personal messaged you with a few questions about where to order, in terms of your personal experience on US seed banks?

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  18. Gorilla Glue #4..The real deal..is almost non existent! many fakes and last I heard it was supposed to be a clone only (ripoff) strain..Lots of similar out there..like RQS (Royal Gorilla) and Gorilla Bomb..Gorilla Wreck#4 is available from some USA seed banks(when you can find it) bur VERY pricey ($125 for 5 fems).
    I grew one out last grow and it was spectacular..just like GG#4..I am growing one now (just flipped 12/12 after an 8wk veg) and took some cuttings for clones..Also am starting a Gorilla Bomb..Love those Gorilla strains;)
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  19. Go right ahead and PM me..would be happy to help if I can;)
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  20. no way.. huge save, i had no idea. Thanks for the information!

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