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Orange Peel

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by tmanrocks12345, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Mold?

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  2. Hey guys so I have a problem. I was stupid and didn't do my research about how long to leave an orange peel in with my stash and left it for 2 days. There is no visible mold but everything is really moist and soggy. This was some of my best bud that I've ever owned. Should it be safe to use or must I throw it out? Please help

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  3. Show pics would help. I would just leave it out of the jar and let it dry a bit.  And for future I wouldn't suggest putting anything that will cause mold near my bud.  They sell humidifier packs almost anywhere you can use to keep you bud from not drying out.  If you don't see any visible mold then you show be fine, but look closely.
  4. What exactly does the mold look like? I don't see any tiny white specks at all. Maybe im just being a paranoid stoner.

    Also can't get any pics of it atm, maybe in the morning...

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  5. if it was some of the best bud you have ever owned, what would possess you to put an orange peel with it?
  6. Mold is *usually* pretty obvious, whitish fluff/specks, or severely withered leaves. 2 days with an orange peel though? I'm sure you're fine
  7. when i was a kid i wud get 6 grams for 15 and put a lemon peel so it smelled good. then while the buds were soggy make them prertty dense and dry em nd sell it as $15 grams. ppl thought it smelled dank nd to me it tasted like shit but ppl bought it.. why tf wud u put a orange peel in some dank weed? even if it is dry
  8. No worries, if you cant see the mold you should be good but just be cautious in the future as mold can grow quick.  And lol you gotta know what mold looks like.

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