orange/lemon peels

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  1. i have heard that when u dry ur bud in a airtight container with an orange/lemon peel u get a better smell/taste, taste is what im concerned about most, please help
  2. this is kinda true, but its even better if you mince up the peel really tiny and dry it out in there w/ it and roll it too. i call it Tropicana bud. try it with all types of fruit... I suggest using Kush, but Swag will work too i guess... i dunno i never really smoked swag
  3. im not really into smoking orange peels myself or oregano,
  4. lol you can cure you bud with fruit, and you don't gotta smoke the fruit to get the taste from it.... i won't bother talking about it you can just go pay high prices for it.

  5. Not much for the taste. But they are excellent source to add a little bit of moisture back to the cure if its too dried out and crumbly.
  6. I really dont think it helps in the taste but it sure makes it smell better
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    this is a common trick that dealers use to up their weight, and it makes crappy weed more "sticky" and citrusy smelling, making inexperienced pot smokers think they got a sticky, citrus straing when in reality its just mids with lemon moisture in it. Adds weight too so your getting ripped off on weigt, if you dry the buds out again you could lose anywhere from 10-50% weight depending on how long they left the peels in.. its a scam.

    P.S. Makes the bud burn longer in pipe, WONT burn in joint and added moisture makes the thc combustion less complete so it gets locked in its unadultered form in your body which does jack shit for you.
  8. If your bud got over-dried then you could add a peel for a very short time. Check it daily, gently stir the weed, don't let any mush up hard against the peel. Max 4 days. You don't want mold on your bud.

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