Orange Kush

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  1. Almost ready, Tricomes not showing any color yet. I heard This was an early finishing strain. I put out some dink clones around July 4th...I know it was late!! Any comments welcomed..

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  2. Its lookin good man. was it in the ground?
  3. I had them in pots up until about 6 weeks ago. I left 1 in a pot for a control. The plants in the ground are 15% bigger. Not that much difference, maybe they were a bit stressed from the transplant.
  4. A few more Orange kush pics

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  5. orange kush makes me drool...looks good man
  6. She's a beaut... :D
  7. nice man check out my indoor orange kush grow.
  8. I"M BAAAAAACCCCKKKK lol But not with the kush this time. Silver haze!! White widow!! and Dutch treat!!! Pics will come when the budding begins lol

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