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orange haired cryt?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by skink420, May 11, 2010.

  1. hey GC, im jsut wondering, if any one knows what " cryt" is? i gram a gram of some decent shit today, and my buddy said it was orange haired "cryt".
  2. Probably said crip. It's a retarded slang term for good bud, commonly used in the south.
  3. Just a made up name.
  4. critical mass, orange mass is critical mass x cali orange bud
  5. if you live in FLorida,Georgia,Alabama or any of those states (mainly florida) He probably said crip, or krip it's just a term for really good bud usually top of the line but in Florida theres two types of krip 25/50 and 30/60 which is used for pricing based on quality of the buds.
  6. im actually from ontairo, and its prolly just some white kids trying to be cool, because, i hear alott kids saying it. and no im sure there saying it like crip, im 100% sure there saying its cryt
  7. dude crit is fuckin when you have your budz critical strike chance increased to get you fuckin blazzzeeeddddd

    naw i have no idea
  8. WTF is cryt? Maybe crip? OR just Made Up!;)

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