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orange flavored bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PorkSoda, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. wow.. got a hookup from a friend of mine a couple weeks ago... 4 grams of some of the dankest shit i have ever smoked...

    smoked a bowl and i was completely baked... and the bud had a really nice "orange" smell and flavor to it...and i never once felt tired or bored while smoking this stuff... i'll post pics soon..want to try to figure out what strain it is
  2. Sounds Yummy
  3. The one bud I've had that taste like oranges was orange crush, wish is mostly likely what you got.
  4. do you mean orange KUSH? ive never heard of orange crush,.....but then again i havent heard about alot of strains, but either way that sounds like some good bud, ive had orange kush but it was very dry and kinda harsh but it got me roasted
  5. i just got some orange kush myself....shit is absolutely amazing, very strong citrus taste to it

    syntax13 will voicing his opinion on it very soon also
  6. it could be just "cali orange bud" from orange county...thats a good orange-flavored strain as well
  7. oc is good. i got pics of it in my gallery. the buds look like little orange strawberries :)
  8. it was definately orange kush.
  9. I picked up an oz of orange crush a couple months ago. It was from cali as well. I didnt really notice an orange flavor though.. maybe my memory is just going..
  10. Yo, I think I know what your talking about like it smells like, nice and strong and you can't stop smelling it and it has like a weird tangy scent to it (never thought of orange but now that you say it yeah it sounds right) and when it goes down you just adore the taste. Oh I love the Orange Kush. Sounds like thats what it is.
  11. speaking of this orange kush....anyone ever had strawberry kush?my dealer said he smoked some a couple nights ago and was geeked after like 2 or 3 hits.....just seeing if anyone else has heard of it/and or gotten their hands on it before
  12. i picked up some orange kush yesterday lol omg but everyone in my town says orange crush it pisses me off so badly
  13. there is also a chance that the dealer put oranges in the bag to make it moist and... orangeyy... but most likely some orange strain
  14. my dealer claims to sell orange kush but i doubt it since we're way down here in louisiana. even if its not this is the most dank shit within hundreds of miles.

    although after reading what you all have to say about orange kush im kinda starting to think it really is. it doesnt taste like oranges but it tastes better than any other bud ive had down here and its also alot more dry than any of the others.
  15. its called Orange Crack.
  16. There is green crack never heard of orange crack. I've tried orange skunk and just orange.
  17. orange crack is coming out of socal.
  18. i thought about that but i've tried that before and it effected the smell to some degree but not the taste at all...this stuff (speaking for myself) has a really maybe not exactly orange taste but a very distinct citrus taste...and is uber dankness
  19. ok my orange bud, was neither called orange 'kush', and it wasnt even close to being good enough to b called 'kush'. so u guys are saying its not called orange crush, well wat i smoked was def not orange kush, but it was orange. soo whatever lol i dont care.
  20. if u put orange peels wit bud itll do that, but their is a few strains out there that taste like it itself (aka orange krush, cali orange bud,ORangy SKunky,Skittles)

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