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Orange Crush? Pics!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by goldmaxima99, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. What up dudes.... This is my first time posting on here along with pics, so be nice but give me your honest opinion.

    My guy called it Orange Crush.... Ive never heard of it so pretty sure its a fake name...still dankk as fuck nontheless.

    Whatcha guys think?



    Smoke Up
  2. so much fail. Use an image uploader- imageshack or photobucket if you dont know how to upload, then past direct link to image using the insert image icon ontop of the post screen.(Looks like a little mountain)
    And Orange Crush is a huge strain originating in cali, with a few other cross breeds, orange kush, orange mist. Classic cali medi strain.
  3. Well hey now I know...Thanks I'll repost soon
  4. I have smoked some orange crush in my time too. One of my first dank smokes. :smoke:
  5. It's a damn good thing the internet can't just go into your computer as easy as that.
  6. yeah man. they look soo good. SYKE! wtf is that^^^ sad bro...:eek:
  7. Resizing is for pussies lol. Besides, you can see the bud better this way.

    Smoke up
  8. looks really dank, nice pick up.

  9. ha. lol. now that looks dank. nice...:hello::hello:
  10. looks nice

  11. Thanks guys, yeah i Picked up a quarter of it for 90 bux around Seattle. Smokes real nice :smoke:

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