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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Adam G, Aug 9, 2002.

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  1. My favourite type of sex! Giving and receiving (only to and from females though :eek: )

    So yeah, who is with me on this? I actually think it is better than normal sex.


  2. *gasp*

    he said SEX!
  3. I\'m all about the recieving, but not so much the giving.

    *shudder* I can only imagine where that thing has been ;)

  4. What about some toe sucking girlie? Do you like that?
  5. I think i\'ve made my feelings on that topic perfectly clear thank you ;) Just because you like to suck on big old hairy toes with long ass toenails that are all thick and yellow doesn\'t mean everyone else does you sick freak *lol*
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  6. ooooooooooooooh man oh man....i love my gf.
  7. It is often the only way I can get the girl to have an orgasm is one of the reasons I like it.

    Unless the girl is feeling really horny then she\'ll have a couple with normal sex. But there is nothing like the feeling of sitting back relaxing and receiving a nice blowjob

    Fuck dudes, I need to get laid again soon :)
  8. Hmmmmm.........I\'m still sitting here thinking. The only time I ever have had an orgasm from oral sex is when I\'ve been with my g/f.......never my b/f at the time. So I would rather give a man a blowjob and have some kinky foreplay then wild sex. But I prefer to get my oral pleasure from my girlfriends.
  9. i would rather go down on a girl than a girl go down on me...i like to look up and see the fire in her eyes...:smoking:
  10. I wont tell ;)

  11. of course i get my dick sucked alot
    and of course i love it
    i\'m only human
  12. True, true.........now that I\'m nursing my hangover from yesterday.......maybe it was too much info. LOL. Damn the liquor!!!!!! It makes you blurt out things without thinking. No more alcohol for me for a least a week!!!!! LOL.

  13. i totally agree. :)
  14. no more alcohol for flowerchild420!!!!!

    i don\'t know, i like sex better... oral really is about one person pleasuring another, whereas sex is give/take at the same time, which is even more fun...

    but then there\'s 69... ahh this is getting much more difficult a question to answer now!!!
    must go contemplate this one.
  15. im not a big fan of the 69...just dont like a brown eye starin me down :S...but, as i said before, i like giving anyway:D...so thats fine by me...IMO its all about the girl, shes the one giving up her body...so why not make her like it?
  16. 69 was invented to share the oral pleasures at the same time.

    Now IMO oral sex is better if done one at a time!!!!
  17. 69 is good.

    Women are too paranoid about their smell though.

    I love it still. I don\'t like watching it much though. Seeing it looks horrible but doing it I feel great.

  18. Well that\'s a benefit of 69. If he (or she, ahem) is workin\' that clit right, his (her) nose will be burried in the reciever\'s vagina.

    Makes breathing interesting, but she seems to enjoy.......

    Never mind! :eek:

  19. I had to double-check and make sure this was in Pandoras Box before I commented. Like there\'s a lock on it and only certain people can get in at certain times.....yeah, I\'m fried.

    Anyway, I am of the opinion that giving is something that can actually turn into a major plus for us girls if you can really get into the giving. Hmmm.....delicate way to put this......it can get you off and that\'s a huge bonus, in my book.

  20. That was a mild way of putting things RMJL. Does this mean if I do you that you\'ll do me??? Or if i do you first you\'ll think about doing me???

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