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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jakkshadd, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Yeah, well i ran out of weed ( for now :D ) and i would like to smoke something that would give me a little high. Something maybe i could find in the kitchen, i already tried bazil spice didnt really even give me a little buzz... really could use some advice!! :ey:
  2. LOL are you serious?

    Dude just wait till you get weed again or just smoke some resin.

    I am also in your situation where I ran out of weed but luckily my girlfriend sells so I might just take a little from her.. a bowlpack :D
  3. well luckily if u mix Tea leaves, and bazil together you get mini weed, gave me half the high just now:smoke:
  4. Lol please I thought about that in highschool but I don't think it actually works
  5. Don't consume nutmeg. Go to a local headshop and get salvia. And "dude" wtf are you doing getting up at that time and smoking Tea leaves and bazil? Go to bed.
  6. Hmm ... this is just stupid.
  7. Lol.

    Just keep trying different spices....
    marijuanas intoxicating effects were found somehow....


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