Optimal light cycle, humidity, temperature, and pH for different stages

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jonb, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. This is my first time growing, I'm pretty excited and want to get everything right. I have my room set up with two compact fluorescents (I know sodium or halide would be better but they are not pheasable in my situation) and my seeds are germinating.

    I was wondering what the best light cycle, temperature, humidity, and pH would be for seedlings, vegetation, and flowering.

    So far I have found:

    Light cycle
    Seedling - 18:6
    Vegetation - 18:6
    Flowering - 12:12

    Seedling - 70-85 %
    Vegetation - < 90% (I would like to have a more specific range here)
    Flowering - 30 - 45 %

    I have no idea for temperature and pH.

    Also, how would I increase and decrease humidity as well as temperature. I know to increase humidity you can just mist the plants with water.
  2. The best lighting untill flower is 24/0, if you are interested in growth lol, need to know soil or hydro for the ph. Temps around 75
  3. 24/0 until flower: I read somewhere that the plants need a dark cycle for sleep. But I suppose the reason most people said 18/6 is because they use halide or sodium bulbs so 24/0 is too much on the power bill and the plants would get too hot.

    I will give 24/0 a try.

    Also, I am in soil.

    And temperature 75 goes for all stages? Does this need to decrease during the flowering off time? Do you agree with what I have for humidity?

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