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opposite stoned effect

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hillbillybjopkr, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. I was reading a post on here were a guy said he was losing his want to smoke.....well never fear people like me will keep the smoking revelution alive! I am a recreational smoker, I love to smoke. Being stoned for me seems to be the opposite of 95% of the smokers out there. I get extreamly motovated and focused. I can't sit still. I am a heavy equipment operator and I am usually against smoking at work. we all do it. last year I had a job driving a bulldozer building logging roads in the mountians. The crew consisted of me and one other guy. everyday we woke up, smoked a bowl in our motel room and went to work. We smoked all day long. Now mind you I have been running equipment for the better part of 15 years and I can say I did my best work baked off my ass. now I guess my question is, am I the only one who has this effect.
  2. Depends, sometimes I do, I usally do my homework and responsibilities and get them out of the way when Im high. I also always wake up feelin energetic after i smoked the night before.
  3. Depends on my mood, my day, and most importantly, my weed.
  4. straight a's in h/s baby yeah. Blew a j at the gas station every day b4 class wit my buddies.
  5. depends on the bud im smoking, but also i say, when ur a noobie smoker u become lazy and dumb, and when ur a real "seasoned toker" that u can actually function correctly and do things good.
  6. you're one of the lucky ones. i wish weed made me focus.
  7. i think it depends on your state of mind/situation, i know being at work stoned ide be motivated TO work, but if i was at home on the couch....shit, try to get me to work. ive heard of tons of construction type employees smoking up and workin
  8. I agree with 420smoker, depends on the setting of smoking and the herb for me. I used to always smoke a little sativa before my chem classes, made it incredibly easy to focus and I did well. However, classes like calculus.. just pissed me off. I remember I spent an hour and a half sitting there while the professor was lecturing about god knows what contemplating how sine and cosine worked haha. Seemed logical in my head, but when I checked it I wasn't even in the ballpark... :rolleyes: go figure.

    But in short, it is pretty normal to be able to focus. My normal smoking buddy's dad does construction type work and he smokes all the time and doesn't have problems. Hell, I remember one time I was staying there and we were getting blazed and the guy was piss drunk. ~3 in the morning rolls around and he's still not asleep. He stumbled over my bari sax case and then told us some story lol, then we dragged him into bed. He ended up being late by 2 hours or something rediculous like that.. fun times though.
  9. yea i ususally gte all energetic, and i do all the work that needs to be done around my house (my room, living room, bathroom, etc.) and my homework and stuff, and even laundry if i need it,.....its wierd but im ot the only one.....most of my smokin buddies are like me
  10. hillbillybjopkr, haha Nice catch phrase at the bottom of your post. I am not so fortunate as to be one of the functional stoners. It does have something to do with the degree of my high, but when ya start why stop at just one bowl? That's just silly. ;) There is the other possibility that my tolerance has a slight balance to it. I do not normally smoke until after 5pm M-F and it varies on the weekends. So maybe my body is conditioned to relax as soon as I take a hit. Who knows though...

    And I still may be a noob in the life cycle of my daily smoking. It's been better than 2 years now with minimal breaks. But in the grand scheme of things that's nothing.

    I have a friend a few years younger than me that is just like you. Hella motivated stoner.

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