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  1. Is it possible to buy opium in America? Is it out there?
  2. I can imagine somewhere. In my town I've never seen it once or I'd jump on it.
  3. bought it a couple times, rare as hell
    its easier to just grow poppies or order poppy pods off ebay though, at least thats what i do.
  4. There's a semi-steady stream of it thourgh KC for 5-7 a gram.
  5. Yeah a couple of my friends have brought it back from big music festivals. From there I'm sure it came from out of the country but I wouldn't be the one to know. All I know is the shit messes you up, no joke!
  6. You can order poppy pods?! PM please.
  7. You can order poppy pods?!?!?!
    Thats bascly just buying opium. Iv never actually tried it, iv done codiene, morphine and heroin, but iv never actually smoked the poppy. If you cant find it man then just get some heroin, its the most amazing drug iv ever tried.
  8. not something I'm ready to try yet. It's something I think I could easily be addicted to since I love downers. Ill stick to the occasional oxy for now, and thats a rarity.

    Do you mean dry poppy pods or do they need to be fresh? How do you use dry pods? Cut them the same way?
  9. im talkin bout either growing poppies and then slittin them and collecting the black 'tar', or ordering dried pods off ebay, in which all you do is chop em up real nice n make a tea
  10. I know about growing them and all that, I just didn't know what do to when they're dried.
  11. Go to Bonnaroo or Swaagstock..and just trade drugs for drugs..there really isnt a money system set us there which is lovely..i just gave her two ounce bags full of my homegrown and stock up on an ounce of turkish opium..it lasts me about 2 months..but what a 2 months thouse are...
  12. Where do I find that.
  13. http://www.theschwag.com/schwagstock32.html

    The great swaagstock festival..best place to get halluciegenics when I was growing up in Arkansas..I plan on taking a road trip down..with alot of drugs hidden on the way back
  14. Nice is tehre any drug swaping at oz-fest
  15. I can find it at school. Not the best stuff, but it does the trick.
  16. One cool thing about opium is that you can probably smoke it anywhere, and no one would be able to identify the smell, like weed.
  17. Haven't smoked opium since two summers ago. Some kid we knew randomly had it to sell at $10 a gram. You get pretty fucked up, but I suggest mixing it with weed.

    Opium has one of the best smells I've ever encountered. It smells a lot like dryer sheets in my opinion. Both the unsmoked opium and the smoke itself. Smoked it in my friends room with no hassles from his 'rents.

    Also, I worked at a garden center over the summer and all the poppy plants there were genetically modified to not produce opium or something like that.

    I didn't believe them so one day I scratched a couple and nothing really came of it.
  18. Smoked Opium one time in a blunt mixed with dank. Passed it around in a circle of 6 friends. All I remember after that is goin outside, it was a really nice day out, gameday to be exact so everyone was out havin a good time, chilled on a few beers and listened to The Doors for a straight hour. I felt so good.. like jello.. felt weightless in a way. Extreme euphoria. Extreme body high. Very similar to morphine. Havent tried it since.. but I want to again.
  19. I think it's so funny how every single experience I hear about opium is extremely good.

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