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Discussion in 'General' started by IL_Duce, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. i can get opium for 30 an gram out here, and its really rare round here, am i gettin ripped off on this deal, please help me out here thnx alot
  2. never seen opium..what i was told was opium was black tar heroin.
  3. prices vary from place to place. If its rare where you're from and legit then 30 dollars/gram is fine.

    opium isn't black tar heroin..black tar heroin is black tar heroin..opium is the name given to the dried brown/black (sometimes reddish/pink, but stay away from "red rock" opium) waxy latex of the unnripened seed pods on the papaver somniferum plant (poppy plant), that has several narcotic alkaloids in it. The most widely used alkaloids (or opiates) are papaverine, noscapine, codeine and morphine (morphine is what is eventually synthesized to heroin products) which are all contained in varying percentages within the latex. So opium has a little bit of everything you could say..although not as potent as other isolated and more pure forms of opiates alone.

    The opium can range from a gooey black and VERY sticky molassess like texture, to a flaky waxy/hashlike texture, (oftentimes more brown when in its more solid form). You can eat, drink, snort, shoot and smoke it...although some of the above methods mentioned can easily kill you...so maybe you can't after all...

    Smoking seems to be the method of choice these days for people who dont use it on a regular basis...thinking it will be like hash its oftentimes added to weed packed bowls or tobacco and burned. But this is the LEAST efficient way of ingestion and for the most part destroys much if not all of the active alkaloids when touched by flame...this usually leads to people thinking they got ripped off, and/or claiming that opium isn't as intense of a high as they had believed. The real method of smoking opium isn't smoking so much as free basing..heating until the vapors of the alkaloids wafe out and then can inhaled. and traditional opium pipes used this method by means of a hot plate and candle as a heat source...(theres never any direct flame-to-drug contact here mind you...)

    The really efficient way and the method of choice by most "fiends" is actually to eat the opium.... the alkaloids are absorbed in the stomach/intestine (although the downside is that your drugs will be passed through your liver/kidneys thus lessening the amount your body absorbs....try a supposetory if you dare to bypass your liver..but use LESS!) the amount needed to "get off" when eaten is very widely ranged among different people...so start SMALL...because unlike smoking where the high is almost instant, eating requires waiting 10-20 minutes and overdose/death is VERY easy....from a gram amount, pinch off a piece roughly the size of a matchhead....swallow on an empty (i.e. dont eat for at least 4 hours prior) stomach with a glass of water and wait fifteen minutes...it should feel like popping some vicodin/codeine or other popular painkiller. If this amount is too little, the next time you try it double the original amount and try the method again...

    slowly build up until you reach your personal threshold dosage.

    If you want to smoke it, then just heat roughly a matchhead amount again in a spoon with a lighter underneath until the opium becomes less solid and begins to bubble...soon after, white vapors will start to appear...once the vapors start to come, count for a few seconds then remove the lighter...suck these with a straw as you take the flame from under the spoon for a moment.. take a hit..and HOLD IT..dont let it out...hold it hold it hold it...(some opiates don't absorb through the lungs well) breath as much air as you can on top of the hit and hold it until lightheadness....exhale....put the lighter back under the spoon and repeat...after the third time doing this, wait five minutes to see if you even need to do it more...you may not... and i dont suggest mixing with weed right off the bat, as you wont likely be able to distinguish the opium from the weed high your first few tries.. "symptoms" of an opium high are a tightening/altered feeling near your "third eye" area and behind the eyes...a euphoric feeling of content...a desire to sit, lay and possibly sleep...ITCHY skin sensations... hot/cold flashes and the shakes. You may experience "the nod" where you find yourself sitting somewhere gazing or nodding at a wall or other object for a long period of time...very dreamlike...you simply bask in the glow...its not the best social drug, as you most likely wont be in a socializing mood...its a much more personal do before bedtime type of deal...alone or with your significant other...(increased tactile sensations..hint hint)

    ...the vapors should have a very floral taste to them..almost pungent in smell, but a very welcoming and familiar odor to a regular user...

    ...good luck...

    ...btw...you can always grow your own...its very easy...and CHEAP

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