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Opium in a blunt?

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by Dird, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Im goin to a GZA concert tonight and wanna roll a few blizzes before but was wonderin if its worth puttin opium into a blunt. And if you think it is how should i do it, break it up and spread it around or roll it into a snake and put weed around it, thanks for any info
  2. Opium burns at a different temp. then herb. If you are going to roll a blunt and throw some in, i recommend you use a small amount of opium and spread in the blunt before you roll it. Do not use a lot it will jsut fuck up your blunts.

    I love opium though, taste like straight flowers.

  3. opiums very smokable.. and its smokable on marijuana but id be carefull how much you do smoke.

    most people who use opium use pipes and chillums
  4. opium is very heat sensitive and will be completely destroyed by the cherry so i'd say try to put most of it in the last half of the blunt and let the hot smoke work like a convection vape on it

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