opium growing? And specs?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by XZit, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. Hey all.
    I was just thinking that it would be cool to grow some opium.

    Now I'm totally unfamiliar with this drug. I here you can smoke it? Shoot it up? Is this even a good drug to try out? Or is it somthing thats really bad like acid or cocaine?

    Whats the high like when you smoke it? Is it a hallucingentic?
    Or is it a body high? Or is the high like pot?

    Anyhow also I would like to know how I can grow this stuff. Where can I obtain the proper poppy seeds? Will any ol' poppy seed from a normal store work?
    Once I find the right seed how do I go about growing it? Like pot with a lot of light? Or can this plant grow casually outside? (a FAQ link on growing opium-or about it would help)

    Also a couple other questions: What part of the plant to you smoke? You open up the pod right? And then smoke the seeds? Is there a resin?

    You see I'm totally clueless here. Anyhow help would be appreciated.

  2. did you watch the history channel last night?
    opium is a dangerous thing kinda. morphine and heroin are both akaloids of the poppie extracted. got me
    morphine is highly addictive heroin is even worse. if you were to lay on your side like an opium den smoker in shanghai youd feel good. deppression is a huge withdrawl issue. its too damn addictive
    first american law was in san fransico that banned chinese immigrants in china town from smoking it. only them too. weird
    they thought they were trying to seduce american women with it and the american women just really wanted it.
    big war over it with britain and china: britain won.
    In the american civil war it provided relief of pain so drs could take their time and perform surgery instead of just hacking off limbs.
    many people made the snake juice out of it, and sold it for relief of cough and headaches.
    Sears Roebuck had a kit 20 ccs of heroin and a hypodermic needle for about 1.50 that came in discreet packaging so your neighbors didnt know you were a junky, even though your neighbors were junkies too.
    it was made illegal in 1913 but something was funky and it took a change of our constitution in 1914 to finalize it.
    i smoked some opium 2 weeks ago, puts you IN the couch.
    THank you children hmmm ok opium has a history hmmm ok
  3. If you want to take opium and dont exactly want it to be dangerous, make opium tea. It's not as strong as smoking it, but it still will get you feeling very good. Also if you do use th tea, or smoke it, dont do it often. It is very addictive, though the withdrawl symtoms arnt terribly bad from what i understand. Its still not exactly pleasent to feel like you got the flu for 4-5 days. It's really not something you want to make a habit of. If you want to read up on Opium other than on Erowid. Go buy Opium For The Masses by Jim Hogshire. Tell you how to cultivate, and several ways to consume the poppy seeds, including tea.
  4. good info guys!

    I have smoked it once, put it on a bowl of mj and went at it, me and two friends. very soon after, it feels like just a stronger euphoria than pot, and while it doesn't make you want to actually sleep for real, you really do want to lay down. I laid down in a bed, and had the strangest sensation - the sheets were made of the softest material I had ever felt, it was bliss. Then I went to sleep, lol.

    I will do it again some day, but never regularly or even once a week or anything. I don't like the fact that it is physically addictive.

    and as for injecting it . . . I would advise against ever injecting anything dude, it is not good for you.

    have fun.

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