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  1. I know this kid that grows once in a while and once he harvests his grow (just a couple plants) he gives it some crazy name where he just throws in the word kush. I've never smoked any of it, but ive seen pictures of his bud and it looks very sub-par, so I'm sure its nowhere near anything that has to do with kush.

    What I ask of you guys is there any way to tell him that his stuff really isn't what he makes it out to be? That he should stop throwing kush in there when it really isn't? Idk if it makes sense but all opinions welcome.
  2. It actually could be kush that is poorly grown, we have no clue of telling.
  3. Not much you can do. People will give names to weed just so it will sell

  4. Exactly, people give their stuff names that are totally irrelevant. But it's nothing like kush. I'll see if I can find the pictures of the stuff again, but anyways, I'm sure there's something I can say somewhere around the lines of....Me: "hey man, I know that stuff you got isn't kush, wanna know why?" Dude: "why?" Me: and this part is where I need your guys wisdom.
  5. why dont you buy some real kush and go show him

  6. Good idea. But if I were to do this id want to get actual kush, from a dispensary or something official you know? Not anything else of the street.
  7. Weed is good. Walrus freak me the fuck out. Steak and Shake rules. Glass pipes are sweet. Cheetos are addictive. Chewing tobacco is disgusting. I feel amazing. I forgot what the question was.

  8. This /thread.

    but seriously op, who cares? Let him call his grow what he wants to, no matter how dumb it might be...
  9. There are a few possibilities for the name change...

    1) Some people use "kush" synonymously with "dank", "fire", etc. Basically, a slang to indicate high grade marijuana.

    Kush is actually a strain of marijuana, normally highly regarded. Thus calling everything 'kush' causes confusion.

    2) Some sellers, even in jurisdictions where it is decriminalized (like over here), will rebrand their product to obscure the real variety. This is a shady form of marketing because it keeps the buyer loyal. They can't buy their favourite herb from someone else when they don't know the real name, right?

    Caveat emptor.

    3) He is growing Kush or a Kush hybrid (of which there are many). Whether or not he is doing it properly is moot; he is technically offering a Kush. Which brings me to my next point...

    No need to make any accusations. Simply ask him what strain of Kush he grows.

    Search “kush” here: SeedFinder - Cannabis Strain Search and if you can't find it, you know he is either misusing the word or rebranding.

    In either case, should you say something? Only if you intend to lecture every other seller you deal with. His business practices have no impact on you, especially if you aren't a customer.

    On that note, be careful and never hang out at his house. In most US jurisdictions the law won't care that he is growing 2 plants, just that he is growing and selling. If he gets popped he is going down hard and anybody with him at the time will be in nearly as deep.


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