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  1. Hi guys got some autoflower star dawg from fast buds, this is day 28 from seed, I know they are stunted I started with a 600watt hps and temps were 32 degrees c, I then switched to a 1000 watt led, I’m running it 24hrs and temps are down to 28 degrees c and humidity is 45% I’m going to add a 300 watt cfl and transplant to 7.5 litre pots, shall I add guano to my soil? Now they’re established. Also do you think I can save them from having a small yield by taking these steps and also introducing stress training once the stems are longer? I am going to invest in a dome for future seedlings and some jiffy grow blocks. I think the environmental stress is what has stunted them in early growth and also not enough room to root properly. Any thoughts? Helpful advice?


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  2. What's the run time on your strain?
  3. Maximum 65 days from seed.
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    If that were the case and they were my plants.....I wouldn't transplant them as they are already half way through their life basically. I would just maybe throw some more soil in my pots and bury it up to just under the cotyledons.....again, that's if they were my plants.
  5. I have 50 outdoor autos on week 6 right now this is what I can tell you if it helps.
    Any slight bit of shock will dramatically reduce your yields..
    It's so important not to disturb them.
    You should be popping your seed and then dropping it directly into the container you plan to harvest in. There should never be a transplant!
    Low stress training is just that " low stress" we want " no stress" right now in your situation.
    Allso there is no vegatative stage with autos.. do not give it any vegatative nutrients your soil should be adequate enuff to supply the needs for 3 weeks until flower starts
    Do not feed a bloom booster the second the start to bud wait a week into flower cause technically the transition from germination to flower overlaps and they keep growing bigger you can stop the so called vegging prematurely by inducing flower to soon.
    If you absolutely gotta be hands on and feed it stuff give it sea weed extract and humic and fulvic acid and amino acids and silica. Vitamins etc give them stuff that will improve the uptake of the nutrients they are being givin not more of the nutrients..
    Autos are perfect for beginners because they will in fact " grow themselves" that means less is more.
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  6. Very insightful, thanks.
  7. This is in direct conflict to what Mephisto (top breeder of autos) suggests. In their grow guide they recommend starting in smaller containers and transplanting, and they don't recommend them for beginners. Don't kill the messenger, I'm just providing info that some people may not be aware of.

  8. The reason for that is they want you start seeds indoors in a controlled enviorment.
    In order to do that you must have small containers unless huge greenhouse is available
    . They Instruct you to do so that way a higher percent of your seeds will germinate there for. They have better product reviews. Rather than people complaining the seeds were duds.
  9. Sorry but I don't understand this. Could you explain please?
  10. Sure thing buddy.
    If I order 100 auto flower seeds for my crop this year.. I plant them into x100 5 gallon pots right away.. that takes up a lot of room. But it is necessary ..
    By germinating outdoors I drastically reduce the number of seeds that will successfully germinate compared to a controlled enviorment inside.
    The breeders want to "sell more seeds" so they will absolutely recommend starting in small containers. The more people who start them indoors in small cups the higher germination rate they have the better reviews the company gets the more seeds they sell.
    A basic knowledge of the plant should lead a person to figure out this logic fairly simply. NEVER TRANSPLANT AN AUTOFLOWER..
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  11. You appear to be insistent that autos be grown as we’ve been taught; I have done so and found the results satisfactory.
    HOWEVER, I’ve been intrigued by the ‘auto-myth buster’ thread.
    The rules may have changed.
    I’m going to brutalize my next auto grow!
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  12. I am wrong much of my life.
    I do try to look at things for what they really are. Unfortunately we are not allways giving the correct info by people we depend on for info.
    At the end of the day everyone should do there own diligence and research there investment and act accordingly.
    I have just a few pointers for people that will give them a slight edge on things until they experience the grow for them selves and form there own methods and opinions.
    The new grower is relying on what we have experienced more so than what we have read in books. They can read on there own but most people just wanna jump in and go for it now. That's were this particular info can help.
    May not be "perfect facts 24/7 allways" but it better for the new grower than just guessing.
  13. Autoflower are evolving every day they are getting better bigger and faster. Breeders are fine tunning it right as we speak..
    I am not an autoflower guy. I'm a full season I do not hold em up on a pedestal by any means.
    I would be on board with your logic as well. The way to grow an autoflower is going to change constantly as they figure out how to perfect them. The way I grow them now will probably be laughed at and and called "old school" in 5 years from now. But this is the info they have taught us this far . So we accept it
  14. I will look into that thread auto myth buster.
    If there is a better way I am 100% willing to learn
  15. The last time I looked that thread was 75 pages long!
    I'm going to have to have a guide.... :)
    They're having results that defy all the rules.
    Having done it 'the right way', now I'm gonna try it differently.
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  16. Your advise is sound.
    Not to many people are laughing at these plants, grown by the rules... under 8x4' T5s;
    GG.jpg TD.jpg
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  17. Oh my waor
    Oh my word ... now that's real real lovely..
    Let me clarify I am an outdoor full season guy "indoor and auto " both new to me the Concept is not foreign tho.
    These are my " First autos" of course outdoors lol. I have been only giving input as to what I have done and noticed to this point in my grow.
    To others out there as this man has shown there is always a better method to do something and we should be open minded and look at all options. Look at those buds is that photo. Wow! baby steps but I will get on that level .
    Here is what my advice will get you.. I'm at week 6 on half week 4 on half. Take it or leave it.. pretty good results to date in my opinion. 20190725_071139.jpg
  18. Really?
    :) Happy growing.
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  19. I appreciate being "shown" photos of how great I can grow from another source besides the person who actually grew the plants .. I do hope you "kill your next grow" my good buddy
  20. Lol common mick foster it's all a learning curve as time goes on. I do respect your position as you have been a contributing member here for longer than most people have thought about growing.
    HATS OFF TO YOU and respect.
    Sometimes new growers and as far as autoflowers goes I am categorizing myself as new grower allso.
    Simple is better less in more. People are learning.. this thread is labeled "opinion"
    I have had success so far in my auto grow doing it the way I learned.
    Once you produce the kinda results you have seen others produce online please share your method.
    But until something had been done in person I don't believe its viable to throw it over actual hand on experience... just my thoughts .. there are more than one way to do everything maybe your idea is better but my info is relevant now. To plants in the ground at this moment.

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