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  1. So I don't want to be the author of yet another "IS IT DONE YET!?" thread, but I want some opinions on this.

    Background :

    This is my first indoor flowered to completion; wanted some buds I could FINISH without worrying about an early harvest to skip moldy nugs. Everything was doing great and I was loving my little 5 gal dwc; then I left for a week due to school and came back to a dried out plant - water was quickly refilled but not before major burn damage (both temp and nutes = sad little plant :(). Happy she lived at all though! Now in the past couple weeks I've had to pull a few all nighters studying and my buds stretched out (Oh well, least its not mold). Checking over her today I was just ecstatic by how resiny she is - then I saw some bananas. All the effort towards growing indoor to skip some negatives of outdoor like mildews, pests, stress, and now I got sacks. Try again next time I suppose.

    I wanted to give her another week to let some amber trich's pop up; shes an indica afterall. Think I might hit seeds in that timeframe? Should I give her the time anyways, and risk whatever seeds I get just to make sure the buds completely finish?

    Summed info :

    Plant is foxtailing with plenty of white pistils
    Trich's are cloudy, no ambers out
    Calyx's are dense and resiny with a sickening smell
    About half the hairs are turned
    Plant is indica hybrid
    bananas are dropping out now

    Thoughts? its a Green Love Potion from Samsara.
    My options are harvest this weekend, or harvest the weekend 3 weeks from now. They look and feel really close, but are just lacking those amber trich's.

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  2. Nice looking plants man - I've been very pleased with the seeds I got from Samsara. I think you could harvest at any time now, they look ready to me. But of course, if you want those amber trichomes, go ahead and wait. It won't hurt to let em go a little longer than they're supposed to.

    My autos are at the same stage right now...harvest is any day now, just waiting on the trichomes to mature a little more.
  3. From the pics, it still looks like the pistils have yet to recede into the buds and the calyx's have yet to really swell up......I'm on my first grow as well, but id say to let it go longer rather than shorter. Plants look awesome!
  4. Thanks for the input guys; I want to let them go another week now as ambers STILL havn't popped, even though branches are started to be too weak to hold the nugs. I've been thinking the majority of brown over red pistils are from when the water ran out and the light just fried a lot of them - Like you said shova, the pistils havn't even receded in most of the colas even though the ratio, to me, says they're way done.

    Gonna let them sit for a while; just worried about the banana sacks. I still havn't seen any with pollen, just barren ones here and there, and I don't think seeds would affect the harvest too much this late, but seeds would still suck.
  5. Wait for those pistils to recede. This thread was started 5 days ago though, so you might be looking a little more ready now.
  6. Don't wait 3 weeks
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    So its been 2 weeks and the nugs old foxtails have gotten dense and new foxtails are popping.

    Amber are now popping up, but there are still more clear than amber. I'd say 80% cloudy, 15% clear, 5 % amber. Some nugs have no clears, or VERY little. I want this indica (yumboldt 47) to have a decent stoney component so I'm shooting for 15% amber about.

    Nugs FEEL done, but I'm usually outdoor with shittily wet nights (so I harvest a tad early, never gets this dense; could just be hydro turgor pressure)

    Hairs are about there, but alot of hairs just simply died when the water ran out. Neither are the buds really swallowing up all the hairs yet; the browns are still hanging out there.

    What's putting me off are the clear trich's; ffs, if clears are still around after 2 weeks since my first post nugs CAN'T have been close back then. But there are nugs that just look DONE (shaded form light by other nugs, no foxtails formed)

    There has not been a flush; I've just been putting in non-nuted but pHed water for the past week and a half.
    Test nugs cut 3 days ago and dried don't smoke harsh.

    They don't get me really stoned either, but then again there hasn't been a cure. Get me happily high though.

    So, would you harvest today, or next week? The banana sacks still worry me (no new ones are popping); the old ones DID start seeds - my test nugs ground had tiny tiny pre-seeds forming and I'd rather those not get bigger.

    On a side note, I've been eating the loose sugar trim on this third test nug while typing and uploading(the trich shot) and its actually tasty o_O. Got me a source of leafy greens to eat haha

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