Opinions: What do stoner guys really think of girls who toke up?

Discussion in 'General' started by StangGirl, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. amen bro
  2. When I smoked with this one chick it was fun as hell. It felt like we were "sisters" or something like that, being that she's the first chick I ever smoked green with (i just get along better with guys i guess.) So, yeh. that was fun. :p

    Edit: Just realized this thread is for stoner guys. Lol, so ... sorry.
  3. I love smoking with the laddies but I dont know any (Anymore) that smoke.
  4. Never really smoked with CHILL girls who can handle themselves.

    It'd be nice to have my girl neighbor smoke and be really mellow and not run around a camp site yelling for the flashlight to look at like my one friend......:devious: But the trick is, Don't let it deminish your high but let it amp it up from the funny things these crazy girls do.:p

    Waiting to have a girlfriend that tokes up...and is loyal towards it with a good head on her shoulders.:eek:
  5. OH!

    Sorry but PLUS REP to Cosmo for having the best idea.

    I wish I had the inuity to think of that!
  6. I would love to meet some who aren't related to me that's for sure. They're awesome (Stoner chicks that is, not necessarily my relatives :p).
  7. Stoner girls are the best type of girls :cool: .
  8. I smoke with girls fairly often. Two of my best stoner friends are (very hot) girls that will never turn down a bowl and out smoke some of the guys. I also smoke with a few other girls often, but most everybody around here is cool with marijuana or smokes it, and everyone who smokes it loooves to smoke it, the girls here will rarely turn down smoking during school even lol.
  9. I'm going to say they kick ass.To me it doesn't make much of a difference but the difference it does make is a positive one.
  10. what an old thread...

    theres so few stoner girls around here. All the ones that smoke either only do it when theyre drunk or are fucked up in the head. Theyres less than ten exceptions to that that I can think of. It sucks so bad, all us guys gotta be stealth tokers when we're in a relationship :(
  11. My newest hookup is a stoner chick. She can outsmoke me like 5x over, though I have the tolerance of a preschooler. Always a good time going to her place for a sack.
  12. My girlfriend smokes a little less then me, but still everyday.

    I love her to death! Other stoner girls are tight too... but i already got my perfect one
  13. stoner chicks are awesome. you can relax around em unlike other girls.
  14. I love smoking with girls who toke. I haven't dated any non tokers, come to think of it. :S
  15. Their dumb bitches that think you'll smoke em out every time they hear that you have bud because they're hot/have nice tits.
  16. ^ ^

    haha, that 93' smoke for free shit has BEEN GONE!

    Shoestring kickin bitches asses cause they tryin to smoke for free
    Don't give a fuck about a B I T C H unless you fuckin me
    Hoes be on my nuts all day
    Ask them bitches, I don't play
    Drop them drawers and suck these balls
    Then bitch then you can hit this dank
    Tryin to smoke a niggas sack
    Shoestring's not down with that
    You can have this slice but you must bounce with that pussycat
    Bitch cause I'm a freaky nigga freaky nigga bitch I am
    Let me throw this helmet pop that coochie like bam bam
    Smokin in the motel, fuckin in the hotel
    You can't smoke this tree for free but you get this shit for sale
    Drop that pussy to the flo', rock it fast, pop it slow
    Don't front you know about the rodeo show hoe

    - Dayton Family "Smoke For Free"
  17. I've been wanting to start a thread on this for a while, but my opinion is the opposite of most of you. I actually can't really tolerate stoner chicks for the most part because all of the ones I've seen (including on this site, sorry) are all mangy, wannabe hippies. They are just too... musty or something, I don't know what it is but they just look gross, sorry. My girlfriend doesn't really smoke much at all, only when I persuade her and I like it best like that because I'm not really smoking these days either.
  18. They are awesome.
    But last time whe ismoked whit girls they took so little :/
    So they were'nt stoned and i was totaly BLAZED.
    Its kewl when they know how to smoke also...:)
  19. i love girls that smoke with you, but not stoner chicks if that makes sense. recently my friend and i were out with these two girls, one who was a friend and one who my friend was interested in. we hung out and later it was just me my friend and the REALLY hot chick he wanted. we kind of asked her if she would be uncomfortable or something if we smoked and she said that she would join us. so sick. but yeah she isn't a "stoner chick," but she blazes on occasion to be social so if that answers the question that is my opinion.
  20. Lol, depends on how fat they hook me up.

    JK, any girl who smokes especially if she has to deal with guys ripping on her for being a girl stoner a lot, but just any girl who smokes (and doesn't have somethin else like wrong with her... lol) is fine in my book.

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