Opinions: What do stoner guys really think of girls who toke up?

Discussion in 'General' started by StangGirl, Dec 9, 2002.

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    Hey y'all -

    I've always been curious to know what you guys out there honestly think about stoner girls??

    There seems to be such a smaller number of gals out there who smoke than guys, and I don't know many people who toke...

    So....let's hear your true opinions and observations!!

  2. Me being a girl, I think it is way cool when we smoke out the guys. It is hilarious when I smoke with the boys and they are blown away at how much me and my girls can smoke. Hey guys, is it better than seeing me tipping up our beer, spilling it all over myself as I slurr my words. When it comes to drinking, I can't hold much, but since I have been smoking for 3 years now, I pretty much can smoke out all of my guy friends and I love it. i would hope that guys wouldn't have a bad impression of us smoker girls as long as we still get our shit done.
  3. i'm totally cool with girls who smoke... in fact id rather get involved with a girl who smoked because then we could share experiences more i just broke up with a girl who was anti and it was hard so now its over its great. its those guys who dont smoke who give the toker girls a bad name... bastards
  4. THANK YOU DIZZY! Guys who don't smoke or who have never smoked especially don't understand the thrill of smoking out your significant other. Weed is one more way to spend good times with your boy/girlfriend. If only they would give it a chance!
  5. Hmmm....turn it around....What do stoner GIRLS really think of GUYS who toke up?

    I guess I don't so much get the purpose of the question. Or maybe it's just that my answer is "Who Cares?" I've never been one to really give a rats ass about what someone else thought about me getting high...male or female, black or white, stupid or smart...it makes no difference to me at all. I'm not one who has the need for validation from anyone about anything, especially my 15+ years need for weed.

    Plus, this is Grasscity...a place for everyone who tokes up and if anyone here really thought bad things (HAHA) about chicks getting high then there would be a factor of hypocrisy involved and no one wants to be a hypocrite.

    So, boys and girls.....get fuckin' stoned out of your head and never worry about what anyone else thinks of you, whether you're high or not!!!!! All you gotta do is dig yourself!
  6. we have to dig you too rmjl....
  7. You can't dig me, unless you dig DirtyD!!!!!!!
  8. stoner chicks rule
  9. just cause they're a stoner isnt the only thing that will hook me to them, they also have to like the stuff i do. cause i love crankin out death metal and rap and shit, and they would have to liket hat type of music, someone that is totally chill with just hanging out, smoking, not having to go out to have fun....
  10. you know Eve smoked the sacred herb . . . . .
    Female tokers are the best thing since god put weed on this planet!
  11. "Babes with blunts"....sounds like a cheap porno...lol....yeah i love chicks who smoke, my g/f smokes sometimes, usually when she's drunk, wish more chicks smoked around here....makes good company and diffrent conversation than just sitting smoking with all my male mates.....

    "I dont know if its just me but playing the guitar sounds amazing when i'm high"

    i get the same feeling when i listen to zep......Peace out...Sid
  12. i love stoner girls. smoking with girls kicks ass
  13. well being the man that i am i love women... and being a stoner i love bud... well i cant thing of one thing better than both at the same time or girls then pot... ooo ooooo or pot then girls... or little girls with a lot of pot...... or a lot of girls with a little pot well maybe not that one).... the possibilities are endless...
  14. well being the woman I am I love women...lol..aaaaaaah, yeah. I love toking with SOME girls. I had some bad experiences with girly girls, the kind that act dumb, and want guys to do things for them. the kind I wouldnt date. lol. but I love smoking with guys and a lot of guys Ive become toking buddz with, theyve told me they like smoking with me. so all is good. the best was smoking with the chillest girl I was in love with and she was soooo cool to toke with!
  15. thats awesome sensimil that you found someone your interested in to toke with... its hard at my school to find girls im interested that smoke... ive found one or two that im interested in and one im hanging out with this weekend so we'll see how things go.....
  16. Stoner chicks are great... just too bad there arent more of em... i used to know a few chicks that i could get high with.. but they are gone to differnt school now and i rarely see them...
  17. stoner chicks *ARE* great! they so arent caught up with the drama that goes on around school..they are just fun loving and laid back! now where can a girl like ME find a girl like THAT..
    lol, oh, dizzy yeah unfortunatly I dont/cant see her anymore..I moved on from school and she was younger..so I dont see her anymore..we still talk and reminice about those fun stoned sex filled sundays though! lol
  18. i actually know more chicks that smoke than guys that smoke

  19. and you live, where now?

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