Opinions on this bong?

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  1. So I just ordered this bong from grasscity today...


    and I want to know if anyone has any good or bad input on it... On the gc item page the reviews were all really good but more is better.

    I CAN NOT wait to use it and once I get it I'll post up some milk pics.
  2. looks funky, def. a conversation starter, just be careful with it

    post up some milks when you get it!

  3. is that a metal bowl/downstem in the ac?
  4. interesting....not my cup of tea but still cool
  5. I haven't use the bong but it definitely looks like a fun time...pack some premium buds in there and "up, up, and a way"...I am curious how it hits
  6. When i saw this i could hear the theme song for Bill nye the science guy.Neat.
  7. WOW! Looks pretty smooth to me.
  8. Looks decent. I dont like the metal downpipe in the ac tjhough coulda gave ya a glass one but all in all a good looking peice,

    I do suggest u grab a glass on gromite downstem/slide from your lhs in the future Will taste much better trust me.
  9. i like it but i have never seen mettle on a glass bong. but still i like it. if u cant switch out the downsteam and put a glass one in. but no rush if you cant afford it it looks like a knockout bong. and if u dont mind me asking whats the link i might get that same one
  10. You could easily replace the metal downstem in the a/c with glass if you so desired.
    Edit: nvm above posts got to it first lol
  11. i dont like the metal downstem but other then that its def a good place to start. u could prob convert it to glass
  12. ya i was thinking about getting a glass slide to put in there instead but i want to see how it is first
  13. looks funky. not something i would want to smoke out of. I bet it has a lot of drag...

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