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  1. Hello fellas

    I'm havin trouble finding proper light systems for my grow, however i stumbled on these as an option. they are gonna be used for vegging until i can get my hands on 400w HPS to use for budding.

    See attachment for the light.

    The thing that made me a bit skeptical was that the salesman said that these lights don't use ballasts and that they draw power straight from the 220v plugs i have around here. He also mentioned that the fixture would consume much less than 400w, i believe the number he gave was between 30w-80w. So its this some hoax or should i give them a try ?

    thx in advance.. ill be opening a grow log once i get the room setup final

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  3. The salesman has no clue what he is talking about. The picture shows a fixture with a built in ballast. It's a regular MH/HPS lamp. It will definitely draw 400 watts.
  4. Thx FK,

    That is what i thought in the beginning, that it was housed inside. Bullshitting salesmen is all to common around here lol.

    Off the top of my head i'm guessing this fixture will produce a lot more heat than other alternatives.. correct?

    Then i guess its a viable option unless i find sthg more satisfactory.. Thx for the input man
  5. By the way, you would need two of those. See the model numbers? One ends with SD and the other with MH. One is a HPS(SD) model and the other is a Metal Halide(MH). So you would have to buy both models if you want to use a mh and an hps bulb. You can however grow with an HPS from start to finish. You can add 2 cfls in the 6500K range for some blueish spectrum.

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