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  1. Hey guys
    Sorry, im new to this forum so im not sure if this is in the right place or even if this question has been answered before.

    I have a 600watt hps laying about and want to do something productive with it... I have searched different forums and each forum has a different answer (I guess its just down to preference).

    So my question would be, what size tent would currently be best for me if I scrog 4 - 5 plants under a 600w hps (taking 5 - 6 weeks veg into consideration).

    Some people are saying 1.2x 1.2 is the best and others are saying 4x4, but the people who asked never specified vegging times or if they would be pruning their girls.

    My last crop was 2 plants in a 1.2x1.2 space, but the vegging times were not the same for both plants, that's why I came toyou guys for your experience :D
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    Vegging time is irrelevant. A 600w is good for a 3' x 3' to 4' x 4' area regardless of how long you take to fill it up.
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    (1.2meter x 1.2meter) is (4feet x 4feet)
    that is the way to go with with a 600w hps anything bigger loss of light and anything smaller is not useful, not enough space to use the lamp to full benefit.
  4. Deff go with a 4x4 tent. I just got rid of my last set up and it was a 4x4 tent with a 600watt light and I ran 9 plants in a flood and drain hydro set up and was pulling one pound every 3 months. 4week veg and 8 week flower.
  5. what you using now, 8x4?
    Sorry, im a bit of a rookie, but is flood and drain just for hydro? ive heard about it alot but not actually sure what it is. Is it just like filling the trays with water and feed for like 15 minutes and then draining it?
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     You got rid of the 4x4, how come? What are you going with now? Also, what method of grow did you use in the 4x4? Scrog?
    Reason i ask is because i plan to pick up an 8x4 for 6 plants and 1000w HPS, im thinking of scrogging but im also thinking that 8x4 might be overkill...
    Also, i dont really have a height restrictoin at 8.5 feet high. I realize scrogging is for height restricted grows. So would there be a better method for me since i have the height advantage?
    Sorry, i dont mean to thread high-jack. Hopefully the answers to these questions will also be beneficial for you.
  7. Haxzan, I just upgraded to the 4x8 yes. It's so nice having more room. Yes, flood & drain you have your res and you flood the grow tray for 8-15 min at a time and I was flooding every 2 hours or so. It's an awesome way to grow but I didn't want to drop all the money for a 4x8 tray and new res. I switched to DWC or deep water culture. So now the roots sit in the oxygenated nutrient solution. The plants seem to grow a lot faster and it freed up 2 feet height wise for the plants.

    Hot Cheetos, I was only pulling about a pound every 3 months in the 4x4 and I'm hoping for 3-5 with the 4x8. I was doing 9 plants in the 40"x40" tray so it kind of was like a scrog.
    You could do 6 plants under a 1000 but if it were me I would do 2 1000s with 8 plants in dwc buckets. Especially if height isn't an issue you could grow 8 monsters and pull a half pound each. No worries! Any posts welcome, I try to help out where I can and am always learning new things from others.
  8. Today is day 14 of 12/12 and the girls are coming along great. Just hit 48" when I checked at lights on, I'm hoping they don't grow too much more cause I'm just about out of room. 48" is the tallest, about 4 or 5 are that height than the others are about 40" and up. I de limbed everything from about a 1/4 to 1/3 off the bottom of the plants. The roots are starting to fill up quite a bit of the buckets. Anyone know when blue dream stops stretching?

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  9. Day 15 of 12/12 and the tallest girl just hit 55", they're getting a bit too big but half arent bad. I added another 600 watt light but have it at 75%, it's a mh so the blue will hopefully really kick in some killer crystals.

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  10. Lookin real good I definitely need to upgrade my lighting!
  11. Hey sorry man, I didn't check the top to make sure if it was my thread or not, didn't mean to post two of my updates on here. That's what the 4x8 would look like full tho!

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