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Opinions On One Hitters?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PlasticStaple, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Whats everybody's opinions about one hitters? Im going to the headshop monday to pick up a bong for the house and i need something to carry around with me since my bowl broke at the slopes a week ago.

    Are they good for stealth smoking, because thats the main reason i was thinking about getting one. I know my headshop sells glass one hitters so thats a plus, :devious:cant stand meatal.

    And lastly, i would only be using this to smoke alone, not planning on having 4 differant people hit from it.

    Any suggestions? Should i go with the one hitter, or a new bowl?
  2. Are you talking about those dugout pipes? Those are good for stealth since they have the same shape and size and a lot of the times even painted like a cigarette, worked good for me when I was a beginner but now I prefer a full sized spoon. Obviously not the best choice for driving around I guess but if you are just smoking are your friend or home a spoon is the best. I was getting sick of having to pack like 8 one hitters.
  3. Similar to the dugout pipes. They are like mini glass chillums, only enough for one hit. The main reason i was looking into one is for going up the chair-lift and taking a hit without anyone flipping the fuck out behind me.

  4. Got a link? My buddy has a chillum like pipe, really short but it's pretty thick and you fit a pretty surprisingly amount of weed into it, the bowl is about the same size of a spoon. Works really nice for passing back and forth between yourself and a friend or alone.
  5. I don't really like one hitters. I always just get a little high and end up packing it a bunch.
  6. Only good if you have some one hitter :)

  7. If you want the stealth of a one hitter to be used in public, you should probably go for the dugout with the aluminum 1 hitter painted like a cigarette. I bought one the other day and it's more of a 2-3 hitter than a 1 hitter. Once I buy some bud a bit better than mids, that one bowl will be getting me very high.
  8. Haha, nice man.

    I think i might just go with a smaller sized chillum. Im not going to be standing somewhere smoking with 20 people around. I just need something small to get a few hits before or after i hit the slopes.
  9. My one hitter is painted like a marker/highlighter and i pack .3 of mids or dro which ever i have at the time n with that much you gett exactly 3 to 4 hits ALWAYS...they are cheap and gett you much higher with less weed i love mine all my frineds do to even the ones that stick by there blunts.
  10. i bought one that looks like a cigarette about a week ago and im pretty happy with it. great for stealth smoking just walking down the street or if you just wanna get a buzz. but you better put some dank shit in there. mids will have you feeling nothing from just a couple hits.
  11. Get a dugout with the cigarette bat. Great investment for the slopes.
  12. imo, glass chillums are the way to go for enjoyin stealth smokin by yourself, if you really need stealth factor, like your tryin to smoke in public, get the cig dugout thing. but if your just lookin for a nice, stealthy one hitter, get a glass chillum or bat.

  13. wait, how are you smokin a chillum by yourself? like u usin a candle or somethin?
  14. Haha, I actually JUST got my first piece yesterday - a dugout with one-hitter bat, the kind that looks like a cigarette.

    It has a tiny bowl, but it works quite well - last night around 8 PM I packed it twice with some no-name bud and I was in heaven. I'm STILL feeling it...

    So yes, very recommended from this novice. The smoke is a little harsh though, takes some getting used to...
  15. Haha. Tokin on the lifts... gooooood times. My friend Eric and I have done that a few times, using his wooden bowl named Woody. If you just pass the bowl casually no one realy knows what your doing, only bad thing is its windy up there so you both kind of have to put your hands together to get a light (wish we had a Zippo!) We joke that if anyone sees us, they would just think we are making out or something.

    Last night skiing, we found a new spot, out in the woods between two trails. Its a real nice place to just chill and toke, smoke a few bowls and then go back down the hill- no one can suspect a thing =D Its funny b/c I thought it twas my brilliant discovery to find the place, and not fifteen mins after our arrival a bunch of other teen stoners came in- and did not even see us! I scare the shit out of em going up and saying hi, but tehy thought it was funny afterwards =]

    Oh, and this is relative b/c... they ahd a one hitter. It was metal though, I think.. hard to tell b/c it was dark. Eric usually carries all the stuff, but if I was in charge of the pipe I would go w/ a one hitter. Always better to be safe than sorry, though bowls are more convenient.
  16. There good when you only have a little weed, and when you wanna be stealthy.
  17. I have a cool little dugout handed down to me (35 years old).

    I can put an eighth in it and stretch it out over 2 weeks.

    Perfect when you don't want to get really high, but just a little kick to get ya going for the day.
  18. My friend has one of those metal cigarette painted ones. It does its job nice but if you get careless about packing them they can get clogged up.
  19. I love my Dugout. It's one of the most efficient means of smoking in terms of how much you need to use to get high. Add in the stealth factor for when I'm hiking/picnicing/yardwork/etc and it's win win.

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