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  1. Hey everyone, i am currently putting together a shopping list for grow equipment for my new project, size is 8x4x6. I have done a bit of research, but there is a lot of mixed opinions, so just seeing what everyones opinion is on this set up, any advice is much appreciated. Note that i'm still undecided on which tent to get. a thanks to Tbone for sharing his knowledge and experience.

    2x ISH265H/ ISH272R PRO Horticultural lighting Kit powered by Samsung LM301b

    1x ISH240-H DIY kit

    AC Infinity T6- Grow Tent Fan

    AC Infinity Carbon Filter

    AC infinity ducting

    2x ONA Filter

    24 Hour Grasslin Analogue timer

    PH tester

    Fabric pots

    PH up and down


    2/3x Canna Terra soil

    Emerald Harvest 3-Part Base Grow Micro Bloom Kick-Starter Kit
  2. Looking good buddy.
    T bone helped me with my light set up also
    The man knows his shit lol
    You'll need some drip trays for the fabric pots to avoid the run off going on your floor.
    Are you going to do a grow log?
    Subbed to see how it goes for ya

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  3. Thanks man, yeah good shout i knew i was missing something, i shall search for some now!.

    Yeah i plan to do a log, get feedback and show my experience for others to see!
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  4. Check out these for fab pots.
    I really like mine being square (better utilize space). They even have slots for piping and supports.

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  5. I have been thinking about trying out square pots on a run or two, mainly to take the most advantage of my space/light....just haven't actually bought any yet.....
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  6. When it comes to hooking your light up grab these wago connectors. (Got them on amazon) it made hooking everything up a breeze.
    Also the drip trays I got at a lawn and garden store for 1.99 each all sizes. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  7. Thanks, i didn't realise that they did square fab pots, these would be much better for me!
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  8. Ahh yeah, i see the Wago connectors from the same place i'm getting the lights, i shall make sure i add those to my basket!.

    I shall see if they have drip trays from the same place i get the pots!. Thanks again man
  9. I dig em a lot. I don't have the right space yet, but with these, you could essentially build a movable scrog attached to it.

    I really need a 4x4 or larger soon
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  10. That's a high quality set up man kudos to you for doing things the right way the FIRST time around unlike a lot of us who cut corners and buy cheap shit at the beginning until we learn the hard way:lmafoe:
    Invisible sun and AC infinity make some of the best equipment money can buy from what I hear

    The only thing to add is floor fans/tower fans/clip fans whatever you prefer to get air moving around the plants

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  11. I have a set of blue lab ph and ppm meters. I started losing faith in my ph meter so I bought a milwaukee for less then half the price. It seems to be just as reliable. It's a decent choice for a ph meter that doesn't break the bank but isn't super cheap knock off crap you can't rely on.
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  12. What size are you using now?
    Only reason I ask. I'm just starting out with a 3x3. Was wondering the limit on plants I imagine somewhere between 2 and 4 (photo type)

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  13. I would only grow 1,2,3, or 4 in a 3x3. You would have to flower pretty early to fit 4 in there.

    Everyone always wants to talk plant limits. It's really about grow style when you talk plant limits. Sea of green growers grow two plants per square foot so 18 even in a 3x3. They just flower right away or after a 1-2 week veg.
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  14. Get a bag of course pure horticulture perlite.

    Mix 15-20% with your medium whatever you use. Even coco growers do this. Perlite is like magic for root aeration, drainage, and resistance to compaction. I won't grow without it. Just noticed it's missing from your list.
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    If you veg/train correctly, 1 plant will fill a 3x3 wall to wall with buds. So like tbone said. 1-4 is doable, but dependent on your growing method.

    I started off just growing 1 plant, but still had more than enough trouble with just the one in my 2x3x5 ha ha

    Addition- like wise tbone said definitely add perlite to your list. It's a must. Don't order on amazon, crazy expensive for very little. Get from hydroponics or gardening supply for way cheaper.
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  16. Thanks man, yeah i know and have heard of people that cut corners and got cheaper equipment, but has had to replace it within months or it never worked efficiently, I just wanted to make sure i got equipment that lasts and works well, i'm looking forward to how it works out!.

    Ah yeah i forgot to add fans to the list, i was thinking of adding a fan near the air intake and maybe a tower fan. Thanks man!.
  17. I was thinking of getting a selmon PH pen, they're only £15 and i wasn't sure if it would be worth spending alot for a ph meter, do you think i'm better of getting a better quality?

    Yeah i didn't think about adding perlite, but now you mention it, it makes perfect sense to add it into the soil mix!
    Thanks again man, you've been a great help. Cant wait until i am up and running!
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  18. Just know if you go too cheap the ph meter is hard to rely on over time.
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  19. Once you get a recipe going that hits your target ph level you'll likely not touch the ph meter much unless you notice issues or want to check it. Water supplies can wander a little over time.

    Just figure out how many drops of ph down you need per gallon with nutrients to hit about 6.2ph when hydro feeding. Once you can do that consistently just stick to the recipe to save time. No need to test every single batch IMO.

    When growing bucket DWC or something like that you might want to check the plant's res daily and be more careful with it but when hand feeding in a medium in a pot you don't need to be as militant about it.

    Just make sure you're hitting that target with your recipe and then the ph meter stays put away for a while.
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